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Update Problems on Time Warner Cable - Missing (?) Episodes


I don’t know if this problem is occurring throughout Time Warner Cable’s systems or if it is localized to zip 90745 (Carson, CA). Following the weekly update on Wed night/Thurs. morning, the following episodes (which had been listed on TAN’s schedule for TWC) were not available: Get Backers Episode 26, Kiba Episode 48, Legends of the Dark King - A Fist of the North Star Story (Eng. subtitles) Episode 7, and Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode 13 (although episodes 11 and 12, which were also scheduled, were available).

I know that there have been some anime episodes which didn’t appear on TAN’s schedule becoming available on TWC, the most recent examples being Aria TV Episode 15 (Aria The Natural Episode 2) and Mahoromatic OVA; both of which were available as of 10/22.

I wish TWC would make more of TAN’s programming available. I miss Ushio and Tora, Maria Watches Over Us, and Miku Metal Fighter!


Follow-ups should be added to,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,32/limit,10/limitstart,520/#21870.

If you’ve see these two, you’ve seen all that were shown.
09/24 additions, available until 10/21
Maria Watches Over Us (sub) - - [12] First Date Triangle
Maria Watches Over Us (sub) - - [13] Good Day, Elder Sister (season finale)


Another update cycle has taken place since this thread was started. The missing episodes still haven’t made it to TAN On Demand on Time Warner Cable, at least not to Carson, CA (90745). It is also obvious now that these episodes in question (Get Backers Episode 26, Kiba Episode 48, Legends of the Dark King - A Fist of the North Star Story (Eng. subtitles) Episode 7) are missing, as the subsequent episodes for these three series are now available. Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode 13 is still missing, but episode 14 hasn’t been added yet.

When I’ve tried contacting Time Warner Cable about missing episodes, they’ve just blown me off, saying that the problem was with TAN! What can I do to get TWC to take my complaint seriously?


I’m not getting Kiba 48 or Get Backers 26 either. Mind putting them up please?

I get Time Warner on the east coast. Shinglehouse, PA 16748


If you are like most of the rest of the country, you didn’t receive:

Did NOT receive:
GetBackers #26
Kiba #48
Legends of the Dark Kings: A Fist of the North Star Story #7
Revolutionary Girl Utena #13
Soul Hunter #18

You should be checking and posting in this thread:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,32/limit,10/limitstart,540/

Also, up above in the Stickied threads, you should see one titled “Anime Network General Info & Response/Reports”, the very last post deals with this very problem.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,292/#23345

I’m locking this thread, please post any future problems in the ‘VOD Reports/Updates/Questions thread’ - please be sure to put your city, state & ZIP so TAN can help you better!

Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

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