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Ghost Stories episodes have stopped playing


Any idea as to why? It just suddenly stopped for me and now they don’t play at all. The rest of the other shows however do. I’ve not tried em all but I’ve tried a few and most are working. Any ideas as to whats going on?


Don’t mean to post again but any idea as to whats going on? The files are still not working on the online player. I don’t mean to be a pain but I’ve paid for the subscription to see these shows.


Yeah I saw the post. I let them know as soon as you posted it. I was waiting for them to get back to me. There’s not much point in me posting in constantly repeating that I told them, but I have no idea, well unless I do. If I have an idea or more solid guesses on what’s going on, I post that info. :wink: But around that time you posted is when they leave for work, wrapping up work/heading off for the weekend. So I don’t know if they saw my inquiry or not, since they never got back to me. It doesn’t help that this is also a holiday weekend, I have no idea if they’ll be back or if I’ll hear from them until tuesday.

It is working now though, my guess is they were working on some back end stuff for these episodes or setting the authority for the latter episodes, perhaps latter ones look like they are supposed to be Coming Soon and not viewable yet, but they color coded it wrong.

Episodes 1-5 are available and working on my side.

You might be disappointed but 1 hr wait time to find out what’s going on… that’s not normal around here or for Anime companies. Virtually no Anime company is set up like Akimbo was to have immediate customer support.

There’s only so much I can do when I’m already spending 10+ hrs a day here lately for the launch of the Online Player, and everything I do is done free as a favor to all of you and to Anime Network. Nothing is stopping them from checking it out themselves, but they’re usually busy spending that time on the production, back-end stuff needed to get things flowing weekly for VOD/OP.

Anime companies are fairly small especially in terms of customer support, usually 1-6 day wait time might be necessary, especially on Friday/transition to weekdays where they are working on a lot. They sometimes might not have the time to look into my inquiries or reports of problems.

And for my part, I can’t be on here all the time either. I have my own things to do. :wink:


Episodes up to 8 are working. My guess is they were working on some backend stuff. Seems like it’s being sorted out though.


All Ghost Stories episodes should be working again.

As a small bonus the episode thumbnails are now on the server.