Momo: The Girl God of Death -The Ballad of a Shinigami-

Momo: The Girl God of Death -The Ballad of a Shinigami-

Genres: drama, fantasy, psychological, romance, supernatural*
Themes: *shinigami, tragedy
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 2006-03-02

Plot Summary: (PR) Dressed all in white with scythe in hand, she is one of the spirits entrusted with guiding the souls of the no longer living to the other side. But unlike other shinigami who approach their grim duty with detachment or even malevolence, Momo chooses to open her heart to those about to cross over. Nor are solace and sympathy the only gifts she offers. For if the need is great enough, she may allow a last visit, a message to loved ones or even a chance to make amends. But how far can even the most well meaning shinigami bend the rules of life and death before she, herself, is called to task? Momo and her flying cat Daniel may soon learn the answer as they find themselves continually becoming involved in the world of the living, even as they attempt to deal with the not always willing souls in the process of departing it. Grave consequences may lie ahead, but heavenly rewards are just as certainly guaranteed when life, death and what happens in between all come together in MOMO, GIRL GOD OF DEATH!

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Cool, they really did bring back Jason Grundy and put him in the director’s chair. This should sound interesting, I hope.

It’ll be hard for me to buy a SD show but I think that I can manage. I don’t know much about this one, and the only things that I really know come from ANN spoilers, so I’m counting on the dub for this one. 18 bucks sounds like a nice price.

Momo: The Girl God of Death


English Voice Director:
Jason Grundy / Joey Goubeaud
Jessica Boone
Nancy Novotny
Shannon Emerick
Sasha Paysinger


Episodes 1-6 (Sub & Dub) are now LIVE!

Has June 7th really come and gone already? Man, time flies. I’ll have to stream this one ASAP.

What did I just watch?

Poor Kouta: all that work for nothing, plus wet cat food is one of the most revolting substances known to man.

Ep 1 can be summed up thusly:

[quote]No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.
-W.C. Fields[/quote]


So far, I’m enjoying this show. It reminds me a bit of a Hell Girl, though not as dark.

The dub is pretty strong too. They use a slightly different pronunciation of shinigami than I’m use to, but all the cast members use it consistently, so it’s fine. I was surprised at Jessica Boone’s performance as Momo. She uses a deeper and more solemn voice than I’m use to hearing from her. I actually didn’t recognize her at first and had to read the credits to identify her. After a few episodes though, I can definitely hear her now.

So far, so good. I’m glad that all the good things I’ve heard about this series appear to be true. I’m looking forward to watching the final half.

I was wondering if someone put an “o” instead of the “a” in “Shinigami” in this as that is how they were pronouncing it.

IMO Kouta should have been indignant towards Momo when she appears and starts moralizing, judging him from her “high horse” as the only reason that he was doing the actions for which she was judging him was because of the murder that Momo had committed.

I’m also not sure that I’d want some “death god” touching me…

The dub of this does make me think that Sentai could have actually improved on the Darker than Black dub had they been the ones to pick it up.

Does it get better? Cause I just, last night, rewatched ep 1 and it was, well, weird.

Momo goes around killing people. Once dead, these people don’t want to go to their afterlife. To deal with this, Momo makes a deal with them: I’ll grant you one wish, but if I do, then you have to mosey on down to the afterlife peaceably. I’m not clear on whether or not Momo can force them to go to the afterlife after she kills them, whether she gives them this “one wish” thing purely out of guilt or if there’s more to it than that, but either way it is ridiculous.

I believe that the show could be pretty cool if it went somewhere with that, having Momo challenge the ridiculousness of her situation. Does it do anything like that?

I would love to add this to my collection at some point.

English Dub Cast

ADR Directors: Jason Grundy & Joey Goubeaud

Momo - Jessica Boone
Daniel - Nancy Novotny
Kouta Seito - Shannon Emerick
Mai Makihara - Sasha Paysinger
Saiki - Luci Christian
Kouta’s Mother - Genevieve Simmons
Weather Woman - Allison Keith
Yutaka Fushijima - Cynthia Martinez
Subaru Asano - Genevieve Simmons
Mitsuki Asano - Greg Ayres
Mitsuki’s Mother - Luci Christian
Girl A - Sasha Paysinger
Boy A - Meaghan Avocado
Girl B - Maggie Flecknoe
Boy B - Blake Shepard
School Nurse - Allison Keith
Kantaro Ichihara - Christopher Patton
Tomato Fujiwara - Brittney Karbowski
Kotaro Ichihara - John Swasey
Kantaro’s Mother - Luci Christian
Landlady - Carli Mosier
Saiki - Luci Christian
Fuyuki Kazama - Meaghan Avocado
Chiaki Kazama - Luci Christian
Nakayama - Greg Ayres
Kanako - Carli Mosier
Chiaki’s Mother - Allison Keith
Chiaki’s Father - David Matranga
Eko Miyazaki - Maggie Flecknoe
Wako Miyazaki - Allison Keith
Security Guard A - David Matranga
Security Guard B - John Swasey
Teammate - Genevieve Simmons
Eko’s Mother - Carli Mosier
Sakura Kosakai - Genevieve Simmons
Ayame Kosakai - Cynthia Martinez
Matsumoto - David Matranga
Miyuki - Carli Mosier
Sawako - Brittney Karbowski
Sakura’s Mother - Allison Keith
Sakura’s Father - John Swasey
Matsumoto’s Girlfriend - Jessica Boone
Lunch Lady - Maggie Flecknoe

Source: ANN Info Page

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