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Tayutama ~ Kiss on My Deity


###Tayutama ~ Kiss on My Deity

Genres: comedy, romance, supernatural
Themes: foxgirl, harem, supernatural wife/girlfriend, youkai
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2009-04-05 to 2009-06-21

Plot Summary: At Yachimata, there is a legend of a deity named Tayutayu-sama who protected the area, but this deity and other so-called “Tayutai” have been lost in time. Mito and his friends discover a relic on the school grounds with mysterious patterns on it. Then, at the opening ceremony of the new school year, an equally mysterious girl named Mashiro appears before Mito. Mashiro is somehow tied to the relic and the legend of Tayutayu-sama.

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Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity DVD Complete Collection (S)


I totally don’t remember them licenseing this show. Seems cute.


It was part of their most recent set of street dates. It’s set to bow in March. I also have this preordered! :slight_smile:


A series I really enjoyed and yet another on my ever growing to buy list.


[size=16]Tayutama will premier on VOD on May 6th, followed by it’s Online Premier on May 27th![/size]


Episode 1 -

This looks like it will be a cute story. I like it already after only the first episode.
I like how Mashiro – before she was nemed Mashiro – chased after the little spirits and smashed them with her big hammer. And she has a fondness for marshmallows. I also like how she told Yuuri that he was getting old and needed a wife, even though he’s only in high school – then she volunteers for the position. Funny that he says he will discuss it with her when she grows up and then she just happens to grow up overnight. Yes, I think this one will be fun too!


It gets even better as the series progress.


Yeah, it was cute how she brought that up to him while sitting in his lap.


Watched the second episode tonight. I think I have a new favorite show, I laughed a lot through this one. but I felt bad for Mashiro at the end when the other girls at school find out her ears are real… and her tail falls out… and they all suddenly have to go and leave her alone.


Episode 2 -

The training session was really funny and so was the aftermath!
Funny how Yuri went from one wife to eight with one small misunderstanding of a name!
Wow – Mashiro got perfect test scores after only being in the world for a few days. And she gets accepted into the Flawless. I bet Ameri is happy that Mashiro is in boarding school and can’t spend so much time with Yuri.
Mashiro is so happy to be accepted by humans. But once her classmates notice her ears and tail, they run away from her. It was very sad to see that she wasn’t accepted after all.


I’m also rather enjoying this one so far as well.


I saw the question at the end of episode 3 a mile away. I still laughed though, as the anticipation added to the comedy.


OMG! I started watching this (I was just going to see 1 ep to say I gave it a try as I knew I wasent gonna like it)

I ended up watching all 12eps last night, what an excellent time that was.(ending was just amazing)


That’s cheating MKmods! :lol: Just kidding - I’m enjoying this one myself, so I don’t blame you in the least.

Episode 3 -

I can’t believe that they put Mashiro in detention for telling the truth, although they all think she’s lying. Kisaragi even tells Yuri and his father that Mashiro suffers from delusions and won’t believe Yuri’s story either. Poor Yuri blames himself for Mashiro’s predicament.
It was so sad when Yuri goes to rescue Mashiro and she tells him that humans and Tayutai can’t coexist after all. She even calls herself a monster, but Yuri promises to believe in her no matter what and I think that made her happy. They escape but get caught and Kisaragi wants Mashiro to go back with her. Mashiro calls the Tayutai and even with this proof, Kisaragi still doesn’t believe her, but is finally convinced of the truth.
I’m glad that Kisaragi is on their side now and promises to help so that humans and Tayutai can coexist. She even apologizes to Yuri and he accepts her help. She also wants to help Mashiro get back into school. It might be good thing that she’s on their side now.
Back at home, Yuri’s father will be out all night and Mashiro asks if they can sleep in the same bed. This scene was very funny - expected, but still funny! Yuri tries to talk her out of it, but ends up asking her to wait a little longer – until he gains some confidence in being her husband. But it was sweet to let her hold hands with him and even sweeter when she rested her head on his shoulder.


I am watching Baccano right now and its OK (my friends are RAVING about it)but I have simple tastes and I think thats why I liked this so much.

She loves him and she isant afraid to say it (the way its supposed to be)

There is a scene very close to the end (her and Ameri, girl to girl chat)that puts this into the excellent/amazing column for me. I cant wait till you get to it. :slight_smile:


I agree that’s the way it should be.

And now I am curious about this “chat”! :lol: But I can wait for it.


Episode 4 -

The scene with Mashiro and the panties was hysterical! Ameri was so embarrassed! It was even funnier when Yuri walked in on them and Ameri attacked him. Mifuyu tells Mashiro and Yuri of her encounter with Nue and wants to know how to fight it, but is annoyed to be told that she can’t without Yuri. Now that Mashiro is home, her training with Yuri has intensified. Mifuyu sees them training together and maybe she feels just a little inadequate.
Yuri is disguised as a girl so her can enter the Flawless grounds and help to fight Nue. He and Mashiro enter the dorm that Nue has taken over. Nue captures Mashiro and uses tentacles to squeeze the life out of her. Meanwhile, Mifuyu has organized the rest of the students outside to kill the Tayutai spiders. As they kill them, Nue loses power and the tentacles disappear, releasing Mashiro.
Mifuyu, Mashiro and Yuri end up fighting Nue and make a pretty good team. It was funny when Yuri tore off the girl’s uniform, he had his own on underneath. And the defeated Nue turns out to be a cute little girl! She came to the dorm and stole underwear to try on because she thought modern clothes were cute and interesting. So much for one of the three mightiest Tayutai! Mifuyu makes a deal with her and promises to protect her.
Later, Mashiro and Nue argue over what panties to wear and they decide to let Yuri be the judge. He’s standing outside the door with Mifuyu and overhears them. Yuri freaks out until he hears his father inside with the girls, giving them advice. Then he gets angry! His father is such a funny little pervert! And I think Mifuyu would like to share in Yuri’s interest of motorcycles. Maybe in her eyes, he isn’t so bad after all.


hurry and get to ep6

(I like the fathers character)


Just finished up ep. 4 earlier.

I’m certianly enjoying this one.
This is definitly going on my to buy list for the next Sentai sale at RightStuf.


Ep. 4 is my favorite of the series. :laugh:


I saw the first episode on the online player yesterday. This looks like another winner for The Anime Network. I’ve been enjoying a lot of their recent acquisitions. I’ll be keeping an eye out on this series, and post more in the coming weeks.