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My Bride is a Mermaid / Seto no Hanayome


My Bride is a Mermaid / Seto no Hanayome

Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance, slice of life
Themes: harem, mermaid, yakuza
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: A young boy gets saved from drowning by a mermaid but, according to mermaid law, if a human sees a mermaid’s true form, both have to be killed. The only solution to the problem is for him to marry her.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2007-04-01 to 2007-09-30[/quote]
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Seto no Hanayome (OAV) Vintage: 2008-11-02 to 2009-01-04


Thread created by request.


Requested by who? LOL

I was planning on picking this up, but the whole butchered ED sequence has pushed it pretty far down my priorities list.


I had requested it, sorry Dragonrider. Finished watching it not too long ago and I’m trying to get my hands on the collection. Cant wait to see it and it’s unedited glory. Just wish it had more seasons. :frowning: It is such a hilarious series.


I was just wondering by who, that’s all. Like I said, I was planning on picking this up at some point, but the way they edited the 2nd ED knocked it down my buying list. I consider the ED part of the show and I hate when they get altered. I know sometimes they can’t get music rights, but Funi has the real ED. They use it on their Hulu streams and I just think it was stupid to not use it on the DVDs.


Eh I don’t much pay attention to Openings and endings unless they are really good songs, like Lucky Tune, Forever we can make it, OP to Rizelmine(cant think of its name), To My Husband(Rizelmine), all amazing songs, to be honest I’m happy Rizelmine ED changed to To My Husband, it fit the second season just too well.

But yeah, I don’t much consider OP and ED much part unless it’s a really REALLY good song, but to each their own, I can see where you are coming from, just don’t understand knocking it down on a list when it’s probably one of the best Comedy series ever.


Because I would be paying for something that I can get a better version online through legal means. I’ve streamed some episodes and while I enjoy it, it’s definitely not at the top of my anime comedy list. Plus, I have quite a few more series on both DVD and bluray that are unedited that are also competing for my money, not to mention several shows that I enjoy quite a bit more.

Like I said, I enjoy it enough to buy it, but the unnecessary changes to the DVD means it will likely be a little while before I do, as I have many other things to buy.

Plus, it’s not just my opinion that the OP and ED are part of the show. Most of the creators and producers consider them pieces of art that are meant to be enjoyed with the show. It’s not like we’re talking about most American shows where there are rarely opening and closing themes anymore.


This show for me falls into the same pile as Corpse Princess. Not on my high to get list and the ED thing kind of knocked it down even more. So if I find a deal I probably get it ,but if not I’m not in a hurry and will wait for a S.A.V.E set.


Because they like to punish the frugal with ugly green spines! :stuck_out_tongue:


After going to two FYE’s and seeing how many people are finding it for that price I can say My Bride is a Mermaid part 2 for $10.00 misprice appears to be happening at most FYE’s.


Hmmm, worth picking up. What about the first part?


Part 1 is not on sale at FYE cheapest place right now is Rightstuf’s weekly’s for $29.99.


Thanks for the info bro, I may still pick it up if there’s a FYE near me.


Oh this was an interesting show


Tried to watch some of this earlier got past the second episode and had to quit. Guess I am not in the mood for it right now.


Watched the first episode last night of Funimation VOD and laughed through most of the episode. It looks like this is going to be one crazy series. :woohoo:


Oh shawn you have no idea just how crazy it is. :wink:


As of ep. 2 looks like it will be one insane but funny ride. :lol:


Yes, at first it looks like a whimsical romcom… and then the insanity wraps all around the struggling young couple. At least it’s whimsical insanity, spiced with cherry blossoms.


Ah the Cherry blossoms, I still wonder how she spawns them… >.>