My Introduction (Hello!)

I figured that I would post in the intros section as my first post since I usually never do that on a forum. I tend to get carried away when I start writing stuff, so I try to at least make sure the grammar and spelling on everything is correct (kind of). Anyway, let me explain how I got here… I’ll start from the beginning.

About two years ago, the first anime I watched all the way through was Fullmetal Alchemist. So earlier this year I was talking to one of my friends about anime and mentioned that the only anime I had ever really gotten into was Fullmetal Alchemist, he told me to watch Code Geass. I really liked it, and so rather than staying in the same genre, he told me to watch Lucky Star.

I was more than a little confused since he had me go from Action, Drama-ish, sort of mecha anime to… a slice-of-life comedy about a group girls with no real plot. Well, since I’ve been known to enjoy shows about nothing (Seinfeld), I watched it anyway and enjoyed it. Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist were good for a few little laughs, but this was pretty funny throughout the entire series. So six days ago, I was thinking that there must be another anime like Lucky Star out there.

Azumanga Daioh was apparently just the anime I was looking for. But where was I going to watch it? Well I found it here, so I signed up, and watched it all the way through. Azumanga Daioh was really funny so I started watching other stuff here as well.

Every anime series I mentioned, I watched the dubbed versions of because I just didn’t like the subtitles. While watching through Clannad I got to the last two episodes which aren’t dubbed. I was kind of disappointed, but I figured that if I’m going to watch lots of anime, I’m eventually going to run into shows that aren’t dubbed. So I decided that if I can watch a movie with subtitles (senior year of high school I had to watch a movie in Portuguese with English subtitles), then I can definitely watch an entire anime series with subtitles. Although my preference is still dubbed, I have absolutely no problem watching anime subbed if I really have to.

So that’s the semi-condensed version of what brought me here. So hello and everything like that I’m sure I’ll explore the forum more eventually, but right now, I have to decide what I should watch next. Bye!

Welcome to TAN and hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

As for Clannad the last two episodes are dubbed they are just not scheduled to be posted till this Thursday I think.

Hello. If you are reading this, go watch some anime.

Welcome Hornet65!

That’s quite an intro, we rarely get such a story on the first go-round! Thanks for sharing! :laugh:

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Again, welcome, please come back and post often!! :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to the party!

Welcome to you! Hope you can join us often! :slight_smile:
Azumanga Daioh is a great anime - a good choice. Try Demon King Daimao too. It’s a subbed one, but it’s crazy funny and will make you laugh.

Slowhand wrote:

However, only Slowhand’s answers count! :laugh: But you’ll discover that for yourself!

Good to see more people joining us. Welcome! :slight_smile:

LadyOfWicca wrote:

[quote]Try Demon King Daimao too. It’s a subbed one, but it’s crazy funny and will make you laugh.

Thanks for the suggestion. I watched it, you’re right it’s pretty funny. But now I have to go find something else to watch.

If you liked Lucky Star and Azumanga, you should really enjoy Hidamari Sketch. The show is fun, though it is subbed.

Welcome to TAN! I am the resident Demon Lord. Feel fee to pay me tribute whenever you have the time. :wink: Just make sure you have fun.

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile: