Najex apears *epic walk in slow motion*

ehm where am I?

wile I was searching for a site that is has good information about anime’s and myabe some peaple talk with I stumbled apon this place

I am a 17 year old boy who lives in belgium (europe) who is starting to realise he has been transformed into a anime freak over the last 2 years.

you have no idee how inoying it is to be a person who’s main pas time is anime and listening to anime related music and soundtracks wile living in belgium where the avarige teenager MYTHE have ever heard of the word Naruto if you are lucky.

I have already watched a considerable amount of anime although I am sure I am still far behind the real Otaku’s.

I hope that this site can help me to find atleast 1 other anime that I will injoy or even better - has revieuws for every anime that I mythe conisider watching in the future - or even better have information about all that is going on in the anime industry - or even better has video revieuws of anime’s I am watching (I love video revieuws.

anyway could it be fate that brought me here?
is this realy the anime paradice it claims to be?

I hope I will find out a aswer to these questions soon :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have been looking around the site and I am getting confused here.
Is this a site that helps you to connect to channels that show anime on your tv?
Is this a site that helps you to see what anime’s are good but doesn’t show them on this site itself?

some advice to this begginer would be greatly apreciated
Does this forum has a “our goal, what are we, quick quide” topic

Hello and welcome to TAN! I will start by saying that your English is better than most people coming from non-English speaking countries, so I commend you for that. There are plenty of shows here to keep you occupied for a long time, so have a look around and see if you can find something you like!

Everyone here loves new members, and we all welcome you with open arms! :woohoo:

lol you shoud have seen my english on the first few forums I joined xD

nobody could make out what I was saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I actualy learned to speak english by watching dubbed anime and as for writhing it… I think I kinde learned that at school but mostly by reading english sites on the web

First, welcome to the site. :slight_smile:

The Anime Network used to have a 24 hour channel in the US (Canada?). It is now a Video On Demand provider that is carried by cable and satellite dish providers (Canada, US, UK). They also stream video but licensing issues place restriction on what countries can view that content. I have no idea if they have anything that they can stream for the Belgium market.

Even if you can’t watch anything from the online player, this is still a fun place to talk about anime at.

Welcome, najex!

We have a lot of anime on this site, but unfortunately it’s blocked for you. We only have a license to show to the U.S. and Canada.

But please, feel free to look around and read up on our members’ opinions about the anime that they ARE watching to get ideas.

I can suggest a couple of places for you to visit to get more ideas. - ANN is a news source that focuses on the medium of Japanese Animation(anime) and Japanese Comics (manga). They have many members from all over the world. (formerly known as AOD) - These forums are similar to ours, except busier, and they also have members from all over the world. They do many reviews about current simulcasts/new anime/manga etc. and also have a listing of and which countries they are available to.

I don’t normally tell people to go to other sites, but I do want you to be able to find something available to you.

Please continue to come here and chat with us and tell us how you’re doing! :cheer:


ah thats ok

not being able to pay for the anime legaly is the best excuse for getting it illigaly so I can live with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Hullo thar! So tell us all about the homeland, how hard is to find anime there?

well as far as I know the only way to get it is to let it fly over from other countrys.
I may be wrong but even than it would still mean I would have to travel to a big city to get it and I don’t have a car or drivers licence.

  • with my sence of direction I would probebly arive at eather germany or nederland
    note: in europe you can only get your drivers licence when your 18 unlike in the US where it is at the age of 16

everybody here has to use ilegal soarces to get it so we honestly don’t have a choise xD

although when I turn 18 (in 2 months) I am planning to let some stuff I know I like fly over here including some visual novels that I am interested in especialy umineko since I am facenated by the story and pist that I can’t go byond the free trial pack.

well ok I am lying they do air about 2 anime’s here

they are 1 pokemon and 2 bakugan xD

yea the generaly population here thinks that any show that is drawn can only be popular for kids.
they are probebly correct since most teenagers here also dismis anything that is drawn as “for kids”.

and the teens that do watch anime can’t realy talk about it with there friends since they will be seen as “weard”.

Hello and welcome! Your english is really good and learning it from dubbed anime was clever of you. Hope we see you around often. :wink: