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Howdy everybody


Although it not my first post, I will still put my introduction up sense it is close enough to time I started looking into here.

Cant say i’ve ever really gone out of my way to look for anime(looking up on internet or buying dvd’s), but i’ve always loved the stuff I could find on TV. Finaly got Anime Network for VOD and came here for some questions on it recently, but I see there is a lot that goes on, showing anime on any other channels.

Recently been going onto some forums so yall may be seeing more of me now, so hope you like me. :laugh:

I may start looking up anime’s if somebody knows where I could find the ones this place doesnt have(free if legal), got a lot more free time now than I planned so any action-intense ones would be great(Love stuff like Cowboy Bebop or Legends of the Dark King, but don’t mind stuff like To Loveru :wink: )


Welcome, MrBoomba!

We talked in the other forum, so “hello!” again! :laugh:

It’s always great when someone comes back to our forums after that first initial visit, we love new members!

Please read the Rules (in the grey tab at the top), it’ll tell you all kinds of stuff that you need to know, especially how to make a sig, and how to get those groovy icons for under your avatar!

Browse around all the forums and jump into any convo that interests you; all we ask is that you use the Search function before starting any threads (especially in the Anime section).

About the Online Player, if you don’t want to become a Premium Member, there are still quite a few anime that you can watch in their entirety just by being a Registered Member (which you are). As of right now, there are 22 complete series available for Registered Members to watch. Also, the first 2 episodes of most all of the other series are available to Registered Members.

If you have any questions, please ask! You’ll get answers! Many, many answers! :wink:

Again, welcome, and please, come back and post often! :slight_smile:


Welcome to TAN and hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

I also have AT&T and if you want to see what’s coming to VoD for us, you can check the schedule


Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, just let us know.


Thanks for being an anime fan, have a good time here.


Welcome to you! Hope you join us often! :slight_smile:


Welcome. Don’t mind the crazies, they will not bite too hard.


looks like everybody here is pretty mello when it comes to posting, haven’t seen any crazies so far, but i’m still new…

I would like it if people could tell me similar stuff to LotDK, CB, and To Loveru though. I’m not much of someone who torrents or even surfs for anime so I like handputs. :3


Like Slowhand said, check the on-line player here. All the shows are great and you’ll definitely find something to fit whatever mood you’re in.

A current favorite is Demon King Daimao. You might also like Area 88, or Saiyuki. A.D. Police is another good one. You can also check out the anime section in the forum and see what people are saying about shows too. It might give you some more ideas. Enjoy!