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Name Your Sells Price ( TAN Edition )

Hey to all my Happy and Healthy fortunate people of TAN hope everyone’s is staying safe
I was just in the TAN neighborhood and thought I would do the neighborly thing and chat with you great members here and what better way of communicating than with a forum game

Hope that you will play along with me in this consumer based sells game that can be fun if we making interesting

Long List of Rules : but bare with me please :pray:
you name what fake made up company you have and your fake made up company info and then you name ( Title Product ) and post a pic the Top 5 Best want to sell products to the person below and if you want to post the price of a real company that is offering it and then you Name the price of your own buyers price for it and then your price in a $5 range that you think the poster below you is willing to buy it from your best sells pitch you can come up with and then I will post your fake commission for a good sells pitch even if the poster below doesn’t want to buy the products

Here’s a clearer outline in no particular order

  • Name of your fake company and info
  • Limited 5 Title products names and pics
  • The real company offering ( optional )
  • Your own buyers price
  • Below person in $5 price range
  • Your sells pitch

I will start

My Company: Slice of Lifestyle Wear inc
My Company’s Slogan: Where you wear your life on us for you
My Company’s Banner:
Real Company: play Asia $ price unknown
My Buyers Price: $25
Selling Price Range: $30 to $35

This shirt is for the best and finest taste in golden rich priceless gems :gem: in the anime world. This shirt will fit you like a glove. Wear this blonde beauty all night and day. She will stick by you like glue when you buy her so buy her now right now.


Next Player

Edit forgot to add the title and pic product forgot my own rules man hope you guys get it right

Product: Golden Gem