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Hello I look forward to learning this sight and making new friends.



Hey, glad to see that you made an intro thread! One of the reasons I had suggested it was because you wouldn’t want to end up as bad as me waiting until nearly 8 months later to make one.

Welcome to the dark side… the TAN Forums that is! Don’t let anyone ‘round here haze you too hard! They made me jump off a roof into a pool while on fire. It wasn’t too bad… piece o’ cake!


Welcome. Post often

Be prepared for pleasant, lighthearted discussion about anime


Thanx Lumis and Outlander. :slight_smile: The darkside of the tan is strong. :laugh:

Hey Lumis or Outlander, I have been looking for a guide on how to work the forums, Things I’ve read say there is a faq under the rules tab but when I try to find it I don’t see any of the rules or faqs. Would you show me where to look, Thanx.


WelCome. To TAN Heartsrhythm.


Yeah, that Rules thing got deleted somehow… weird.
Click on the ‘Forum Rules/Faq’ thread again, I’ve put the old info in there again. Some of it may be out of date, but it’s got the general stuff in it. I’m working on updating it.


Hello and welcome to the tentation TAN boards!! :3 I’m sure you’ll find plenty of friends here provided you look in the right place. :stuck_out_tongue: To get things started, how about you tell us what some of your favorite anime or manga are, and maybe what led you to join us? :wink:

Anyway, I hope you have a good time on here posting around, making many new friends, and finding your way around the site! :slight_smile:


If only there was a place to report,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,91633/limit,20/limitstart,240/#128718 like a blank rules tab.

Anyway, Hello Heartsrhythm! Welcome! Stay, and enjoy yourself!


Welcome to you! Please join us often!


Yeah, for some reason there was a glitch with the ‘Forum Rules/Faq’ page just like Slowhand said… double weird. Anyway, here is the link to that page that Slow just refilled in:,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,2/func,view/id,72/

Also, I think I have all the learning bugs worked out so far, so feel free to ask me anytime for help if you’re stumped. If I happen to find that there is a problem somewhere in the forums or such, I make sure to report it in… just tryin’ to keep things simple.


Thanx everyone and I will try to post often. As far as anime I like, well there are a lot of them so I will stick to what I am watching now. The anime’s I am enjoying right now are SAO, BTOOOM, My little Monster, Say " I Love you", Fairy tale, Total Eclipse, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Magi, One piece, Eyeshield21, and Blast of Tempest. B)


[size=100]Happy New Years lady’s and gent’s.[/size]


[quote=“Heartsrhythm” post=131896][size=100]Happy New Years lady’s and gent’s.[/size][/quote]

And, a Happy New Year to you too sir! I hope you will continue to stay with us for many more to come. :cheer:


****** :woohoo: HAPPY HAPPY NEW 2013 YEAR TO EVERYONE…YAY!!! :sick:


:laugh: you too! :woohoo: