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RightStuf Studios are
Nozomi Entertainment
Lucky Penny Entertainment
5 Points Pictures
Critical Mass Video


RIGHT STUF, Inc. Announces
Creation of LUCKY PENNY Studio-Label; and
NOZOMI Limited-Edition Releases
Anime Expo 2012: New license and project announcements


PR is a little long so have to click the PDF file link for it in full.

Per PR:


**Press Release: RIGHT STUF, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distribution Deal with PONY CANYON, INC.**

GRIMES, IA, January 8, 2015 — Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. is excited to announce an exclusive distribution deal with Japanese anime producer and distributor PONY CANYON INC.

This new agreement will see high-end, collector-grade Blu-ray, DVD, and merchandise items from Pony Canyon distributed in the United States and Canada for the first time by Right Stuf. Pony Canyon has plans to release exclusive sets of new and catalog programming monthly. The first of these series sets are slated for release on April 10.

Right Stuf’s President and CEO Shawne Kleckner couldn’t be more excited about this new arrangement. “We’re delighted to work with Pony Canyon, one of the leading marketers of Japanese animation,” Kleckner said. “We feel their collector-grade products will be of great interest to our customer base.”

PONY CANYON INC.’s Executive Director Kazuyoshi Fukuba is also enthusiastic about this collaboration and the launch of PONYCAN in the North American market. “I am pleased to be working with Right Stuf, the top US distributor of Japanese anime online, to offer anime titles by Pony Canyon directly to US customers. We’ll launch this exciting project with the release of Blu-rays of YUKI YUNA IS A HERO and DENKI-GAI on April 10, 2015. All US-version releases will be supervised by Japanese producers who will ensure the highest-quality and the most unique products. We also plan to offer special promotional bonuses to our US anime fans. We look forward to bringing Pony Canyon anime to the US!”

Pony Canyon’s new releases will encompass series that have never been available in North America, and will be available exclusively from Right Stuf. The first titles, YUKI YUNA IS A HERO and DENKI-GAI will be available for pre-order sales starting soon on www.rightstuf.com and www.ponycan.us.

About Right Stuf, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Right Stuf, Inc. is among North America’s largest publishers, distributors and retailers in the anime and manga marketplace. One of the industry’s original pioneers, Right Stuf operates a multinational mail-order catalog and one of the trade’s most recognized Internet storefronts, RightStuf.com. Right Stuf also works in a variety of media vehicles that include video streaming, podcasts and special publications. Included under the Right Stuf corporate umbrella is print publisher Right Stuf On-Demand, and video production labels Nozomi Entertainment, Lucky Penny Entertainment, and 5 Points Pictures.
Visit www.rightstuf.com for additional information.

RightStuf Surveys

What should Nozomi Ent. acquire next?

Tell Us What You Thought About Our 2014 Holiday Sale!

I put They are my noble Masters for an anime to acquire.

Since they don’t dub, don’t make primo sub-only editions to compensate (ie:NISA) and AFAIK still haven’t done a bluray release, I can’t say that I want them to acquire anything as I know I wouldn’t be able to justify buying their release myself.

###RightStuf Asks: What Character Type is Right For You?

A Tsundere
They’re hot and they’re cold, they’re yes and they’re no. You want someone who keeps you on your toes, but when you get past that prickly exterior they melt like butter just for you. For examples, look to Kamijo in Junjo Romantica. Suggested date: an outing to an amusement park, preferably one with a few dark rides for stolen kisses in-between rousing diatribes about exactly which roller coaster is the best.

…a “hero of justice”. Didn’t know that it was a type, but that’s what RightStuf gave me. Kleckner 'n Co define a hero of justice as being like Sailor Moon. :question:

Weren’t there some anime series where the main characters went around claiming that they were going to be “a hero of justice”? I seem to recall the line(s) but not the names of the shows.

I got “Hero of Justice” too. So, I guess I’m supposed to have a desire to right wrongs and punish evil. But, as always, the question is “What exactly counts as a wrong?” and “Who exactly is evil?”.

Mark Gosdin

I got the Hero of Justice as well.

Nozomi Entertainment Licenses Please Teacher!, Please Twins!

posted on 2015-02-18 16:21 EST
Bandai Entertainment previously released both series with English dubs

###Critical Mass Video Announces June 2015 Releases
Mar 5th 2015
Leading adult anime label Critical Mass Video is pleased to present the Anime 18 DVD releases of Stepsister and Temptation on June 2, 2015.

###Right Stuf Contest

Entries will be accepted until March 18, 2015.

Per PR:


**Press Release: NOZOMI ENTERTAINMENT Announces Please Teacher!, June 2015 Release**

GRIMES, IA, March 11, 2015 — Anime producer Nozomi Entertainment is pleased to announce the DVD collection of Please Teacher! will be available June 2, 2015.

###Please Teacher! DVD Collection
• Animation from Daume (DearS, Strawberry Marshmallow, Shiki)
• Includes the OVA, “Secret Couple”

This teacher is out of this world!

Kei Kusanagi isn’t your typical 15-year-old high school student. He’s actually an 18-year-old with a rare disorder that puts him into what he calls, a “standstill”! When he was younger, this disorder left him in a deep coma which stunted his growth for three years. Mizuho Kazami isn’t your typical teacher, either. She’s actually an alien sent by the Galaxy Federation to observe the Earth!

As the sole human being with knowledge of Ms. Kazumi’s secret, Kei must… marry her?! Homework, dating, and a gorgeous wife - going to school has never been quite this fun!

Watch the Trailer

Contains Episodes 1-13.

Special Features: Clean Opening, Clean Closing, Promotional Videos, Music Clips, Commercials, Preview for Episode 13, Marie Love Theater
Comp. Titles: Waiting in the Summer, To Love Ru -Darkness-
Product specifications and content subject to change.

For more details, visit www.please-teacher.rightstuf.com

Format: DVD (Litebox)
Pre-Book: 5/5/2015
Street Date: 6/2/2015
SRP: $39.99
Catalog #: RSDVD1548
ISBN: 978-1-57032-695-0
ISBN 10: 1-57032-695-9
UPC: 7-42617-1548-2-9
Runtime: 325 minutes
Genre: Drama/Science Fiction
Age Rating: 16+
Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
Subtitles: English
Video: 4:3, Color
Disc Count: 3
Case Qty: 30

About Nozomi Entertainmen

Introduced in 2007 as an official re-rebrand of the Right Stuf video production division, Nozomi Entertainment is recognized by discerning anime fans as a company focused on creating high-quality anime releases in North America. From anime classics to modern favorites, Nozomi Entertainment is dedicated to releasing fan-favorite anime for all ages and interests.

A small sampling of the Nozomi lineup includes: Astro Boy, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Visit www.nozomient.com for additional information.

###Celebrate Pi Day! $10 Blind Boxes for $3.14!
Posted on: Thursday, March 12, 2015

[size=16]Anime Madness Has Returned![/size]
Posted on: Friday, March 6, 2015

[details=Contest Rules]

To be eligible to win, your bracket must be completely filled out and emailed to: animeclubs@rightstuf.com before March 16, 11:59 pm Central. When sending in brackets title your email with “Your Name - Anime Madness.” Only one entry is allowed per person.

The top-scoring brackets will be determined through a point system. Each correctly-predicted match is worth a certain number of points depending on the round. Each round has a total of 16 points possible to earn, with a total of 80 points possible.

Points are awarded as follows:
First round: 1 point per correct match-up
Second round: 2 points per correct match-up
Third round: 4 points per correct match-up
Fourth round: 8 points per correct match-up
Championship round: 16 points[/details]

[size=16]Voting has now begun! Click here to find out more![/size]

According to this post, RightStuf will no longer be listing the Hyb/S/D labeling in the titles of their page listings.

Well that’s brutal. Having that info in the titles of releases was pretty darn useful.

[quote=“celestial_being, post:21, topic:6208, full:true”]
Well that’s brutal. Having that info in the titles of releases was pretty darn useful.[/quote]
Agreed. Now you actually have to click on the titles to see about the languages.

Less work for them, though, I suppose.

Can’t have been that much work. I don’t understand this change the information is too useful to their customers, if it causes them just a handful of sales or returns it will eat any cost savings quickly.

Mark Gosdin

it’s all about the clicking.

clicking = $$$

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Maybe, but if they don’t get the customers to buy then all those Clicks won’t help.

Oh well.

Mark Gosdin