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No log-in screen


The “log-in screen” does not fully appear nor does it respond. I get the top left portion only. AS such I can not log on as a subscriber. Fix?


We just started a new Log-In process, explained,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,91633/limit,20/limitstart,280/#132790.

If that’s not working for you, click on the Community Page and log in there. (if the log-in part is covered by the side images, just click on the boxes, as long as you don’t need to see to type, you can still log in).


I had this issue. You could also right click, or command click on Mac, on the log-in at the top of the screen and select “Open in New Tab”. That will open up the full sized log-in window in a new tab.


i had the problem with the original log in proccess too.

the new window stopped all that.
the problem is now the new window doesn’t work for me.
it just does nothing but return to the name and password slots being blank without
logging me in.

i can still log in by going to the forums main page but i thought i should report the
problem anyway.