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I’m using Firefox version 40.0.3. My OS is Windows 10. Since the update 9/1/15, today there is no video to be seen, only the sound works. I have the newest Adobe Flash Player as my video plug-in. Hulu seems to work fine, which is annoying. Also, the website kicked me off more than 6 times, and I have to log back in each time. This is my first time since the site update, and it’s frustrating. How do I fix this, or is this an issue with the website?
p.s. the links to do this properly to post a problem don’t work for me either.


Before I get into the single problem i’m experiencing, I do want to say that I like the new layout of the website as well as how well most of it works so far as I’ve seen.

Also, I’ve seen other threads about this, read through them, made sure all the suggestion made for fixing/resolving my issue have been checked into and unfortunately, none of them helped.

I will login to the site, on the movie viewer side, not forum side, and click into any section and will sometimes be immediately logged out and other times not. doesn’t matter what section i go to. Even when it doesn’t immediately log me out, i will be faily soon, the timing is completely random. I could even be in my queue screen, removed a few individual episodes that i’ve watched, then go to remove another and get an error. lo and behold, i’m logged out. I’m talking a range of anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. have yet to see it keep me logged in longer than that. I don’t close the browser tab/window. don’t even switch to another open tab.

As I stated at first, I have checked all previously mentioned possibilities. my cookies are enabled, not set to delete when close(which wouldn’t matter since i don’t even close the browser), I don’t have any 3rd party programs running that clear cookies and such. I Use Firefox, whatever the latest version is as of 9/3/2015. This is on a desktop PC, not anything mobile that might change it’s IP on a regular basis. No other website I go to has this problem, which would indicate an issue with TAN, not my PC.

If this is intended, then I guess there’s nothing I can do about it, just know it’s extremely annoying. If not, I will gladly provide as much more information as I am able in trying to fix it.

Thank you for all the hard work in running and updating this service, I hope it continues for a long time.

#5 is not working is working however.

DNS issue?


@wdf12 - Thanks for the report! Our new player is now HTML5-based, as opposed to Flash.

ISSUE 1 - No Video, Only Audio
We’re troubleshooting this issue for you, but are so far not able to replicate it.

  • Can you give me an example of a specific video where this is happening to you? This way I can do an apples-to-apples test.
  • Is this only affecting Firefox, or are you able to get the video to work through a different browser? (ex. Chrome)

Let me know, so we can continue to troubleshoot this issue.

ISSUE 2 - Website Keeps Signing You Out
We’ve had a few other users report this issue as well and are working on the issue.
In the meanwhile, just to be thorough, please clear your cache and double check that cookies are enabled.



@rouguefox1 -
We’ve had a few other users report the spontaneous signing out issue, too. Your details are very helpful, so thank you very much!

Is this issue only happening for you in Firefox, or does it also happen in other browsers? (ex. Chrome)
Also, can you confirm which operating system you are using?

Thanks again, for you report! Please keep us updated on any changes you experience as we work through this issue.


@miquelfire - Thanks for reporting. I’m still trying to replicate it, but I’m reporting it on up to the Dev Team. Cheers!


Yes, I am having this same login problem. If I log in on the main page, I get spontaneously logged out when I navigate to any other page, episode home page, forum page, etc. I’m using Firefox 31.3.0 on Windows 7. I know you guys are working hard to bring the new site up to snuff. But I just wanted to comment that I’m also having this problem. Keep working hard! I’ll be checking in periodically. I guess I’ll have to get my anime fix from the competition! (Just joking!)


I seen signs that the new player is not HTML5 based when I try to view it on my Nexus 7 in Chrome. It’s trying to load some kind of plugin.


Continuing the discussion from ANO Technical Support & Customer Service:


OK, I like the new website, but I’m having player issues. I can get video playing at any format, but I seldom get any audio. For example, in the GATE series, I can play the 320 SD format and get audio. But, when I play the 480p or the 720p formats, I either get no audio, or both the audio and video play at very slow speeds. Sometimes I can play an episode from another series (for example Infinite Stratos,ep 1) with no problems.

I know you guys are working hard on the new site. But I wanted to give you some user feedback from the field. Keep up the hard work! I’ll keep checking back, looking for these ‘teething’ problems to get ironed out. In the mean time, I’ll just have to get my anime fix at the competition! (Just joking!)


I couldn’t see any video, and I tried random ones, like ‘Ray’. I’ve looked for add-ons for Firefox to be able to watch the HTML5 videos, but so far haven’t found any I could use. I switched to Internet Explorer, and now I can watch the videos, sound and sight. I did run into a problem with that - when I try to skip ahead on a video, it freezes up and won’t let me advance to, say, the 8 minute mark. And the site still randomly boots me off.


@pbisson -
Thanks for reporting that you’re experiencing the spontaneous logout issue, too. It helps us determine how pervasive the issue is and if it’s only affecting certain browsers/platforms.

Regarding the playback issues:
Is this just happening to you in FF31.3.0 on Windows 7? Does this happen in any other browsers?


@wdf12 - Thanks for the information!


@miquelfire - Thanks for letting us know about the issue on the Nexus 7 in Chrome. Can you specify what happens when you try to watch a video?


When i try to watch a video, I get a missing plugin box. (Currently can’t find a free show to test with on my Nexus 6 to see if I can get a screen shot, every show seems to want me to upgrade to premium, which I’ll do eventually.)


@miquelfire - Try the Children Who Chase Lost Voices trailer. Let me know what happens. Screenshots are most helpful! You can use the details tags to roll the image up, so your post isn’t a mile long.

[details=screen shot]SAMPLE[/details]


That works on both devices.

My theory is that the free stuff, I’m getting the Hulu player with my Nexus 7, maybe because the site thinks the tablet is a normal computer. And my Nexus 6 is detected as a phone, but the site requires a premium membership to watch non-Hulu videos. A Flash blocker I have in Firefox told me the Flash player is from Hulu.

Nexus 7 screenshot


Prior to the new site, I was able to watch anime labeled as “guest” without any problems.
Ever since the update, however, it sends me to the “premium content” page and has a url specifying a “bad region” in it.

I’m just wondering if, since updating the site, you have changed the regions where the anime network online is available?

If not, would you happen to know what the issue might be?