Online Player error on some shows

On a number of shows in the player, when I click on the show page, I keep getting this error screen:


Something went wrong…give it a few seconds and hit refresh.

24 hours later it’s giving me the same thing for Say I Love You, Sister Princess, and a few others but Somedays Dreamers II comes right up.

I suppose this could be a cookie issue, but it does it in Chrome and IE and I only log in here in IE.

That is being discussed in the Blog / Important Notice for Anime Network Online Users - Anime Network thread.

That last bit is new info. Is it still happening? I think something changed around 1:15am PDT Thursday morning.


I just clicked a bunch of links in the S section to see what would come up.

Rurouni Kenshin - New Kyoto Arc, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Gaiden, Sakura Wars, Somedays Dreamers, Somedays Dreamers II Sora, and then Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee came up. Nothing else in that block would work, I kept getting the error message. The next four shows after that were error, working, working, error.

Someone would have to sit and check every show link on the page, I suppose, to know just what is working and what isn’t. There seems to be no particular rhyme or reason to it at least based on that grouping.

GAH! I know Rai was having trouble yesterday with WATAMOTE, but no one else was, I’d hoped it was resolved.

Apparently not.

Ok, I’ll pass this along.

Next time, please put this in the Online Player Report OR Technical Report thread. Thanks!

I looked for that thread but somehow I didn’t find it, is it pinned?

They are indeed, yellow backgrounded and all.
Usually they’re near the very top as they gets used relatively often.