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Says that 200: this playlist is not a valid xml file.


You need to repost your previous report about Angelic Layer, you posted it in the wrong thread and it had to be moved. There are some kinks to be worked out with the moderation options still.


Okay, I hope this is the place to post my question. I am having problems viewing movies on this website. I am getting this message 200: This playlist is not a valid xml file. What does that mean and how do I get this fix? Please help!!


It looks like Anime Network is working on some backend stuff, as I looked into it and am getting the same issue. I’ll report it to them as soon as they get back to work tomorrow.


I got the error message trying to watch Angelic Layer.


i got that same error message trying to watch eps. 25 of BASTof Syndrome


I’m getting that same error message on all the shows


well please let me know when it is working. Right now i can’t watch any.


Hi guys! It’s been 14 hours since the last error message post. “0:This playlist is not a valid XML file.” I was able to use the Online Player a couple of weeks ago.

I am on XP Home and using Firefox 3.0.8. What do I need to upgrade to fix this problem?



fatman, the problem isn’t on your side. Anime Network is looking into the current Online Player problem right now.


I still am not able to watch any vidoes.


What is going on with the videos? None of them will play.


What problem are you getting? I just tested it and it’s working on my side.

The only problem I’ve noticed is sometimes it buffers during heavy load times. If that happens move the timeline bar to have it re-buffer and continue the video.


Episode 25 Pseudo,Traped in the game. is not working.


freedom wrote:

I’ll let them know of the problem tomorrow.


Ok. Let me know if this is odd or not, please. When I’m logged in and I click to watch an episode, any episode, all I get is an AN commercial spot. No episode plays.
But if I log out then click an episode it plays the episode.

And also, if I could make a request. Is there any way to get rid of, or move, the “buffer box” that pops up in the middle of the picture? I rarely get any stops or stutters but that thing keeps popping up every 3 - 5 seconds it seems while the video plays behind it. Does it really need to be smack dab in the middle of the picture? Small annoyance. I still enjoy the episodes. TY


Reports for VOD and Online Player in the last week have been compiled and sent in today.


any news on why Episode 25 Pseudo,Traped in the game is not working? and why all of the other shows some times works?

on episode 25 it said stream not found.


my online player wont read the stream what do i have to do to fix it