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Online player stoping ever few seconds


the online player was working fine for me up until today – now every few

seconds it stops and freezes up – i can move the slider either forward or

backwards a few seconds – and it will play for a few seconds up to 1/2 min or

so then freeze again-- i have the latest flash and java – im running a 20 meg

connection - on a upper range gamer – 2 radion 4850 1 gig cards - 9850 phenom

quad core (unlocked multiplier) on a biostar 128m main board – with XP Pro.

oh the company is insight cable out of louisville ky. any help to fix it would

appricated _ i did sign up for the premium subscription ,

Thanks Triviellion


well it seems that the problem has been fixed now – thanks


Triviellion wrote:

Cool! I’m sorry it gave you any trouble in the first place but I’m glad it’s working for you now.