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Online player issue


I have a two monitor set up. Sometimes, I like having anime full screen on one monitor while I’m working away on another monitor. However, your player does not remain full screen if I try to click on any other window to continue working after I’ve set it to full screen. Please make a way for the player to remain full screened on one monitor while I’m working on the other monitor.


does anyone have any work arounds for this?


Ctrl +


I’m not talking about zooming in on something, I’m talking about keeping the player fullscreen while I work on things on the other monitor. It pretty much fills the screen, but I can’t get it to fit vertically or get rid of the scroll bars, things like that just take away from the experience. Thanks though =)


But you asked for a workaround, and that is one.


I was hoping for some way to maybe lock that instance of the program in the mode it’s in… I don’t know really =)


I’ll follow up the issue with them on monday, if they haven’t answered by then.


dragoon wrote:

dude dragoon, if you could get them to put in a function where I could CHOOSE which sound output the player used instead of going to my default speakers, I’d seriously buy you a six-month membership. you probably don’t have to pay anyway, so it’s a safe offer =)



and a way to see how much of the episode I have buffered before I start playing it. I hate having to stop to buffer more =/.


The player doesn’t pre-load. They said there was a good reason they did it this way vs. pre-loading, but I never got the specifics.

Are you having streaming issues? I never have buffer problems unless I keep start and stopping it.


sometimes it gets choppy, where the audio is still going but the pictures are moving at a film strip pace.

edit: yes, sometimes like tonight when I’m every episode of ghost stories start to finish, I like to skip the opening credits. Is that what’s causing the film strip effect?


It shouldn’t, I mean when you skip there’ll be a few seconds where it’ll have to readjust… but once it loads it should be fine.

How fast is your connection? download and upload stats.


my connection is fine at least at the moment… Maybe it’s the actual episode? Anyone have trouble with episode 6 or 7 of ghost stories (yes I own the DVD, but they aren’t here and I need something funny to put on while I work)


hey goonie I was wondering what you thought the chances were that TAN would pick up a good classic series with a crap ton of episodes for the online player? I mean something with 100+ like legend of the galactic heroes, Sailor Moon, or maybe Kenshin?


Anything is always possible. If both companies make a good deal, I’m sure they’d add it, if only to add value.

But some of those shows are either licensed, are in limbo hell or are too niche (LOTGH doesn’t have much of a market, sadly). There’s more of a market right now as far as longer series for more contemporary, mainstream or kid/tween stuff.


I would love to see Sailor Moon, especially Stars, but that title seems to be permanently stuck in licensing Hell.

I think we’re just lucky we got Utena! :wink:


Cody: Currently, there isn’t a way for you to have the player full screen on one monitor & work on another. Thanks for the feedback, though. We’re always interested in knowing how you guys prefer to watch the shows and ideas for enhancing your viewing experience.

Are you still experiencing jerky video playback? Was it only those few episodes of Ghost Stories or is it across the board?


greetings Admin, it was actually I, The Taco, who was having playback issues.

So far, I only encountered the jerky playback during a few episodes of Ghost Stories, which is why I thought the problem might be the source material.\

What do you think the odds are of ever being able to choose the audio output for my player like Zoom.

edit - oh snap I just remembered that zoom player actually has plugins to allow streamed content from certain sites. It would be fantastic to be able to watch my TAN subscription through my zoom player with all of its bells and whistles.


Sorry for the mix up dude! :side:

I’ll test the Ghost Stories episodes to see if they need to be replaced. Sometimes we get glitches when they are encoded.

Mods - Has anyone else posted that they are having issues with those episodes?


There were previous problems, but those were supposedly fixed and from a while ago:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,13040/#13133,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,2496/#2496

There haven’t been any problems since that.