Online player is acting strange still

Hi again. I did restart my router and thigns didn’t quite work. I’m starting a new post because I’m now at a public wifi area that has a faster speed than my home wifi does and it’s still not working right.

I’ve seen other sites with this player and the thing about pausing it and waiting for it to load works there but it still doesn’t work on this site.

I don’t have too many problems playing online videos in general. Sometimes it’s just that the video is too large and takes long to load, but here it seems to lag and hang and load a bit too much. I know I don’t have the highest Internet speed (1.5 megs at home, don’t know how many here but I know it’s more than 1.5 megs), but I don’t think it should be acting this strange.

I’m now on a laptop with an ATI gfx card, 2 GHz Intel CPU with 4 gigs of RAM. I’m running Windows 7. It plays a little but then it’ll freeze and stop playing. I have the latest version of flash player.

I just don’t get why it wouldn’t work right. I’m not a premium user so I’m not watching HD content. I was going to subscribe but then I figured it still wouldn’t work so I didn’t get it. I really wish this player was working right. I can’t beilieve I’m like the onlyone having this problem on multiple computers with different connections.

Do I have to have a superb Internet connection (like 3.0 MBPS and up) to seamlessly watch the shows?

I’ll try to watch it on another computer and see what happens. I’m again on a wireless network. It’s not often that I can reach a wired connection though.

Im having the same problem. Doesn’t matter what computer I use. Some times it works great and others its extremely annoying. I even reformated hard drive reinstalled windows. and wiped hard drive. still having problems.
Running pentium 4 2.6ghtz processor with 2g of ram.
Win xp pro sp3
Adobe flash