Oracle's Art Gallery

So, hey everyone. I’m Oracle, I’m somewhat of a local artist in my hometown and I decided to make this page to kinda showcase my art. Now I’ve entered a few art shows and have never won anything more than second place, so if you have any constructive criticism don’t be shy, I can take it.


Okay, yeah… I’m having some technical difficulties. I just cant seem to figure out how to upload my artwork onto here so I’m gonna go to sleep. I’ll figure it out tomorrow or something :slight_smile:

Sending you a PM.

Guess what! With the help of Slowhand & Lumis, I finally figured out how to post my work :slight_smile:
So, I’ll finally post my first drawing that I was ever proud of! I hope it works! :laugh:

And you have good reason to be proud of it. :stuck_out_tongue: This looks like it took quite a while to not only draw but color as well. I especially love the shading you gave to the armor (most notably on the arm and back).
I love it. Bravo! :cheer:

The sword looks kind of weird, though; like at a strange angle. :blush:

Thanks Tager, my main focus in this composition was the Knight, the background and sword were really rushed, plus this was a few years ago when I was still very inexperienced with perspective, which is why the sword is angled weird. I think I’ve gotten better though, but to be honest, I usually try to avoid too much perspective drawings.

I really like the work on the helmet.

The knight is really great. The shading and everything is very well done. What do you use to color with? It looks almost like paint but I can’t quite tell. :pinch: I can see how you said the background was rushed though. It doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the knight.

I use Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils, they’re really expensive pro-grade colored pencils. They’re really good for blending colors together

Here’s another one of my favorites, I placed second in an art competition for this one. It’s probably my favorite I’ve ever done in colored pencil so far. :lol: %between%

I’m working really hard on a bunch of different projects right now, hopefully I’ll have at least one of them done by the end of this week. Thanks for being so patient, even though it’s more than likely that no one really cares that much. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one, it’s not on par with the last two, but it is a more recent one. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


This one was just for fun. It’s really random but I guess it counts as art. It’s a little more… abstract


Welcome Oracle! I’m glad you decided to make a thread and share your work. :slight_smile:

You have a wonderful gift. And I love the way you use color and blending / shading.

Keep up the good work and please continue to share it with us!

Thanks, Lady! I was kinda nervous about it at first, but it’s actually a lot of fun showing people the fruits of my labor :slight_smile: Also, thank you for the complement. Although I’m still working on my technique because compared to what I’ve witnessed in art, my compositions are amateur at best. I hope to show you all much greater things in the near future :laugh:

Not bad at all, I like your work.

I just found this little guy in my room. This was the first thing I ever drew in colored pencil. It’s from about four or five years ago. :laugh:


So, I thought I would have at least one of my projects done by today. I was way off base. The closest one to being done doesn’t even have any color on it yet. But you know what they say, you cant rush art. So yeah, I’m gonna stop predicting when things are gonna get done (don’t wanna turn out to be a liar) and I’ll just post them as they come along. Be warned though. Unlike my colleague, Forest, I am extremely slow due to my irrational perfectionism. Just bear with me people and I’ll produce great things. Thanks for taking your time to read my excuses, I’ll get back to working on those projects now :slight_smile:

Thats because your pictures are way more involved than mine are. I don’t even do back grounds on most of my pictures. My attention span is pretty short, if it doesn’t get done quickly it just doesn’t get done.