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Genres: romance
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, Photography
Plot Summary: Kazuya Maeda is a high school student who has received a digital camera from his father. Motivated by this new hobby, he enters the school´s photography club. This gives him the opportunity to see several new perspectives towards the girls near him.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-04

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Photo Kano PSP Dating Game Gets TV Anime by Madhouse

posted on 2012-11-26 10:30 EST
Updated Photo Kano Kiss PS Vita version also coming next spring

Photo Kano Anime Previewed in PS Vita Game’s Promo Video

posted on 2012-12-28 18:00 EST
Photo Kano Kiss dating game’s mechanics also introduced by voice actresses

I figured I’d get a jump on the upcoming TBS series for the Spring '13 season, since Sentai has been snatching up all the recent TBS series.

Photo Kano Anime to Premiere on April 4

posted on 2013-03-08 19:33 EST

Photo Kano Anime’s TV Ad Previews Theme Song

posted on 2013-03-28 18:15 EDT
MADHOUSE’s adaptation of PSP dating sim game to premiere on April 4

Crunchyroll to Stream Photo Kano TV Anime

posted on 2013-04-09 12:49 EDT
MADHOUSE’s adaptation of PSP dating sim game to premiere on site on April 11

Ep. 01

I love romance series!

All in all, this was a rather good setup for the rest of the series.
Though I have to say, that Photography Club is rather creepy.

Episode 3 –


Nonoka gets her first kiss from “Dartsie”, but it wasn’t very romantic! And that isn’t the only “accident” Kazuya has! The following one also gains him some status points with his fellow club members.

He is doing well with his camera, but he really did join the wrong club. And now he has to figure out a way to protect his friend from the other pervy club members. But it ends up where he can’t quite save Haruka from himself either in another accident.

Ep. 03


I expected the Photography Club to continue to be creepy, as that’s just how thay wrote them into the series, but now we’re starting to see a more creepy side of Kazuya as this progresses.
That whole blackmailing Aki to get sexy swimsuit photos just because he wanted them, really depreciates the value of “what could have been” with this series.
I mean, yes, I understand Kazuya is just a “normal” guy and this is based off of a dating sim after all, but really, I would have much preferred it if they just kept his camera interest on the more “purer” side of things.


STARTING: May 13th @ 1:00 AM EST / May 12th @ 10:00 PM PST

Episode 4 -


Kazuya is still trying to protect Haruka from his fellow club members at least. He does have the right feelings behind wanting to study photography, but perhaps just the wrong subject matter and influence. Then again, he is a high school boy!

He keeps blackmailing Muroto over her sneaking into the school and it’s getting a little overused. But now he’s also using the threat of those photos he took of her. And I knew someone would catch him with those magazines, so now Kazuya is the one getting blackmailed!

The cosplay event was fun and Kazuya may have learned a thing or two, while falling deeper in love with photography. He does seem to be having a lot of fun and that’s a good thing!

Episode 1 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 5 –


That’s so sad! Kazuya really has some serious feelings for his childhood friend, but others think she can do so much better. Then he overhears Haruka being asked out and that must have killed him, but he tries to push her into accepting the other guy anyway. It’s so obvious that Haruka likes Kazuya as well, but he thinks that he just isn’t good enough for her. And it looks like Kazuya’s fellow club members would like to help, but don’t know how.

When Haruka goes missing, the Photography Club helps to look for her and I am beginning to think that these guys might have their hearts in the right place after all. Kazuya is worried about her health as well. Soon, others are joining in the search for Haruka.

Remembering things from the past, Kazuya finally realizes that Haruka has feelings for him and he was an idiot for pushing her away. He promises to be true to his own feelings as well and finally finds her safe and sound at home. But as he stands there in the pouring rain, looking up at her window, she doesn’t seem to see him and closes the curtains. He screams his frustration just as thunder rumbles and Haruka, thinking she heard something, peeks out the window, but Kazuya is gone. So many “what ifs”!!

Thankfully, Kazuya’s and Haruka’s friends are scheming to get them together. I teared up a little at the end when Kazuya finally sends Haruka a message to meet him and her bedroom light goes out. Is it a rejection, or did the light go out because she was leaving to go meet him? What an emotional episode!

Episode 6 –


Kazuya waits in the park for Haruka. She finally comes and they smile at one another. They talk a little of their past together and Kazuya apologizes for pushing her to date that guy. Haruka makes Kazuya promise not to leave her alone and he does which makes her very happy – perhaps a little too happy. At least they go back to the way they were. Kazuya tells Haruka about the photo gallery and invites her to come and see his best photo. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a picture of her.

On a day off, Kazuya meets Haruka at their park and starts taking her picture. Unfortunately, Nakagawa and Azuma show up and Kazuya has to protect Haruka. Luckily, Uchida shows up too and Kazuya and Haruka get away. Kazuya takes more photos of Haruka at the beach. They have a fun day, but Kazuya is beginning to see how much Haruka has grown up and still treats her too gently. Haruka takes offense at that and tells him that she won’t break. But then she tells him to touch her breast! And how can Kazuya refuse such an offer? LOL

The day of the school festival and the photo gallery arrives and Kazuya takes Haruka to see his entry. Kazuya’s club is there and Kudo names Haruka “Miss Photogenic”, unveiling a really nice large picture of her that Kazuya took. However, the moment is almost ruined when the rest of the photos are revealed. They are all paparazzi shots of Haruka but once Kudo explains, Haruka gracefully accepts the gallery and her title of “Miss Photogenic”.

After the festival, Kazuya and Haruka end up back at the park and Kazuya finally confesses his love to Haruka which makes her cry with happiness. She tells him that she likes him too and they hug. It’s about time these two got together! With the setting sun behind them, they sweetly kiss.

Episode 2 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 7 –


Kazuya teaching Sanehara how to eat a hamburger – too funny! She becomes his latest model, but he’s never seen her smile. He finds out why she hates taking pictures of people and why she doesn’t smile herself. To her, people put on a fake smile when having their picture taken. Sanehara says that these smiles are not from the heart, which is why she won’t smile either. I liked how Kazuya kept trying to get her to take his picture, but she kept cutting him out of the frame. However, Kazuya is determined to get her to take people pictures.

Kazuya discusses this with Katsumi and she tells him that she will help. Since Sanehara is so fond of shooting flowers, Kazuya dresses up like a flower! LOL Sanehara calls him a “moron” and just walks away. The seasons change and he still hasn’t been able to get her to take his picture. When Kazuya finds out that Sanehara likes to photograph cats, guess what? Yup – he and his fellow club members dress up in cat costumes. Not only that, but they have Uchida help them attract feral cats. The results? Cat Monsters! LOL And Kazuya kept losing his cat head, but at least he got Sanehara to finally laugh. Still no luck in taking his picture though.

Sanehara accompanies Kazuya to the theme park to return the cat costume. They end up having a great day at the park and Kazuya makes a bet that he will have more fun than her. Sanehara wins! Afterwards, Sanehara invites Kazuya somewhere that she can’t go to by herself. That piques Kazuya’s interest and he’s fantasizing about just what kind of place that might be. Actually, Sanehara bursts his bubble when she takes him to a lookout point. The city is laid out beneath them under the star filled sky. She helps Kazuya get a shot of the stars and thanks him for the day.

Sanehara opens up to Kazuya about her past – how she was used and betrayed by her supposed friends. Then they bullied her and had others ignore her. They even framed her for a theft that left her even more isolated. This is why she doesn’t trust smiles anymore. Then Sanehara reluctantly tells Kazuya that she can trust his smile and he tells her that he likes her smile, although he hasn’t seen it much. He makes a wish that he could see her smile as many times as there are stars in the sky. And she finally takes his picture! Yay! They begin to spend a lot of time together and I wonder what happened to Haruka.

Episode 3 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 8 –


So, now it’s Muroto’s turn. Kazuya wants to take her picture for his Gallery Show, but she resists. Caught in the rain and soaking wet, Kazuya snaps a quick photo and Muroto gets annoyed. So, he blackmails her again – “wrongful entry”. She reluctantly agrees and he has her pose, but it seems that she soon gets into it and begins to pose on her own.

One day, he finds her cutting class up on the school roof. The Student Body President! She’s in a mood too and tells him to go ahead and take another blackmail picture. But Kazuya puts his camera away – so considerate! – and asks her what’s wrong. She wants to be left alone, but Kazuya teaches her how to really play hooky, as he sneaks her out of the school. Little do they know that the Photo Club has followed them!

Kazuya takes Muroto to an arcade. He takes some pictures of her and has to promise not to blackmail her with them. They end up having a fun time at the arcade. Later, they go for crepes and have a chat. It seems that Kazuya has the wrong image of her. She would much rather swim than study, but her father wants her to become a doctor, just like him. So, she had to give up swimming and go to cram school instead. She still hates to study and did not do well at all on the national mock exam. Muroto confesses to Kazuya that she really isn’t fit to be a doctor – or even the Student Body President for that matter.

Then Kazuya finds out from a passerby that Muroto had saved someone’s life! So, the day that Kazuya caught Muroto sneaking into the school late was the day she helped an elderly man that had collapsed get to a hospital. The woman praises her for saving the man’s life and Muroto just says that she isn’t all that great. Muroto and Kazuya continue their fun day of hooky without even the interruption of the Photo Club. Kudo thankfully put a stop to that! When they part, Muroto thanks Kazuya for the day and tells him that she’ll never ditch school again. She tells him that she also wants to come to terms with herself. She’ll even allow him to keep all the blackmail photos. Kazuya had a fun day too and with Muroto letting him keep the pictures, nothing connects them anymore and that saddens him. He calls out to her retreating form and she turns.

He invited her on an actual date! Nervous as he waits for her, he wonders what the heck he’s doing. Does he have a thing for her? But once he sees her, he knows he does. They go to the aquarium and Kazuya tells her that he’d rather take pictures of her swimming. She tells him that he can take pictures of her diving any time he likes and he holds her to it. Kazuya even becomes a little annoyed with her for not telling him what happened the day he caught her sneaking into the school and she can’t think why she didn’t tell him at the time. They end up at a park to watch the setting sun. Kazuya mentions how different she is from the image he had of her. Muroto tells him what a fun day she had playing hooky with him. She liked that he saw the real her.

Kazuya blurts out that he loves her! Did she even hear him? She promises herself to chase her dreams. She did always want to be a doctor and yells out that she will study her butt off and get top grades for entry to her dream school. Kazuya cheers her on and Muroto asks that he continue to comfort her. He agrees and she moves closer to him, asking for a hug. Kazuya is startled and Muroto already has to remind him of his promise to comfort her. They hug and once again, Kazuya declares his love for her. This time she tells him that she loves him too.

Back at school, Muroto invites Kazuya to the pool and he gets some great shots of her diving. But she just wanted to let him know that she re-joined the swim team. Funny that the Photo Club guys try to sneak in some shots and end up disturbing a wasp’s nest! Well deserved! LOL Time passes and Muroto ends up getting the highest score on her college entrance exam. And she owes it all to Kazuya’s support and love. He continues to snap pictures at the graduation ceremony and Muroto is grateful that he saw her true self. He is the one that makes her smile and she wants him to hurry up and follow her. And another girl is won!

Episode 4 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 5 (Sub) is live at ANO