The kissing game


for all you romance lovers out there we have something especially for you

post meltin hot Hershey kisses at your pleasure

it can be pics or gifs

so pucker up ladies and gentleman lol



Kimagure Orange Road Last Panel

Edit: by the way if you’ve ever seen the Anime’s first episode, Kyosuke & Madoka’s positions on the stairs is significant


If you recall Kyosuke counted 99 steps / Madoka 100. In the image you see Kyosuke stepping up to meet her and Madoka Stepping down to meet him. It’s great Symbolism about them finally coming together





Only problem is Roy needs to be the dominant one in that relationship :wink:


True, but I’m not on my regular computer and can’t access the best pics.




Mwuah! :stuck_out_tongue:




looks like their about to hit the hot tub


Actually, they were at a swimming pool.


well they might get in the kiddy pool and get it on lol



double your pleasure