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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)


Hay now, “Konnichi wa” or should it be “Konban wa” or whatever time it in your part of the world right now.
For those you who are new to the AN forums, I’m called the “DRIFTER” and from time to time I post photos in and around the main inland of Japan. Sometimes I throw in a image or two of the Pacific Asian area. Something really cool if I can.

For those who have been following me for the last four years, "Domo"and “Gobusata shite imasu”. I’ll start with some pervious work for the new people and post new stuff as it comes.








As usual, you make me want to smash my camera and never take another photo. :laugh:


YAY!! I’m so glad you’re back and posting pics again!!

I recognized several of them, especially those little decorated statues! :slight_smile:

I look forward to everything that you post, Drifter! :kiss: :kiss:


I’m glad you brought back some of your photos, Drifter!:kiss: That was something that I missed when the old forums were removed. Please, please, please post new pictures when you get a chance. It might be the closest that I will ever get to Japan and that region of the world.


O.K. That’s all the time I have for now. I’ll try to get some up later.


Sweet pics as always Drifter, good to see you back! Drop in every now and then when you have the time, k? We’re putting up tons of new stuff everywhere on the site!


“Basic suburb”? Ah no…that is a Shrine compound within a small town suburb.

Now this can be called a suburb:


Maybe this: (however this is a bit cramped in the city of Tokyo.)


Or maybe this:


Or perhaps this:


Of course just like suburbs, towns in Japan are diffrently laid out by there surroundings.


Of course once you find your way around this land you’ll find many places that have their own styles and histories to show and tell you.


Just don’t forget to take a ride into wildside of the nightlife while your here too.