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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)




That’s it for now. Later.:slight_smile: “Peace.” :woohoo:


Great images. The 109 building in Shibuya picture is especially striking.


Awesome pics once again Drifter, we always enjoy checking these out!


To continue the many sides of the Japanese society and daily life here in the Kanto Plain area here’s a new one: In many places in the cities here (Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, etc.) you can’t smoke in public places including the open streets…period. So, to be fair to those who do have to “light one up” the G.O.J. has these “booths” that are air filtered and even has A.C./Heating units spread though out the cities.

One added note: I’m told by friend “Stan the Cajin man” that the “air fliters” work great against the smoke inside the booth itself,however, “body odor in that kind of close quarters is still a major problem to deal with.”:S




“Gardening of Water” monument.


That’s it for now. Time to watch the “Taxi drift and races”.:stuck_out_tongue:

You can see the announcer standing on top of the van on the far left.


Is that smoking rule new? I don’t remember that at all from when I was in Japan, but that might because I was no where near as concerned with smoking back then. I guess I can’t specifically remember any pedestrians smoking, but that was over two years ago now? Matter of fact, the only time I do remember people smoking while walking was with my gaijin friends, and who’s to stop them?

Taxi lanes were insane while I was in Japan, those hotel hot spots would just have armadas of them ready for the commuter’s pleasure.


I think the new rule was just starting to be enforced just about a little over two years ago. You can still smoke in sections of bars and restaurants for example. However, open public places such as restrooms, train stations, buses, open streets and malls are just a sample of places you can’t smoke. One of the reasons other than the “clean air act” that this rule was placed from my understanding was because of fires that were started by ashes from cics. I don’t smoke so this rule does not really bother me either.


Here’s a few shots in and around the city of Tokyo at diffrent times of the year.







Here are some older photos taken with a Sony Mavica. My frist digtal camera.:slight_smile: