Yo, Konnichi wa!

Konnichi wa! This Drifter from the Konto plain here in Japan. I see the Anime Network web page is up once more! It has been “Shibaraku desu”, eh? I’ve been hanging around in Korea for a bit and this is nice to see again after a few crazy (and still going on) weeks! I’m sure I don’t have to explain why if your watching the news.:angry:

Just one question if any one can answer this; Are my photos gone are are they somewhere in this Web page? :unsure: I’ve been looking around and no luck.

Ja mata.

What’s up man! They just totally re-did the whole forum, and photos are still kind of a hink. I’m sure someone can find that thread and bring it back though. Be safe!

Welcome back Drifter.

Unfortunately due to the forum hack it appears the old database that housed the content of the old forum was compromised. They were hoping to have the old forum as a special archive section when they were forced to switch to a new forum that’s more secure with the new backend, and unfortunately they couldn’t bring it back.

Do feel free to post a new version of your thread again though so we can follow your journey in Japan and Korea. :wink:

Welcome back Drifter!


Thank goodness you’ve found your way back!

Please begin a new thread and post some more pics… I already miss them!

You always take the best pics and they’re so informative and beautiful. And apparently you can now repost all of them all over again! :S

Alright drifter welcome back!

“Again?” Again???!" :ohmy: That’s alot! I don’t if I will have time like I use too, well I’ll try. And thanks to every one for welcoming me back!:laugh:

Ha, I was totally thinking about going up to Korea just because I heard the people were really nice up there, now I’m not so sure. For some reason I can’t actually see anyone going to war with nKorea really, I mean they have America, Russia, and China breathing them down their necks. Plus the other countries that were in talks with nKorea before.

Do you have any pics of nKorea launching their missiles?