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Photos of Japan....Part "San"* (*Three)









That last one would make such a nice back yard.


Wow, great pics. Thanks for the “Free trip”. :laugh:


I just love looking at nighttime scenes, especially Tokyo! Nice photos, DRIFTER! (tykes!)


Yo I’m back! Sorry about getting back so late, North Korea is being a %$@ again. Man, last night I was at a gaijin party (That’s when a great deal of foreigners get together) and one of the main topics we got ourselves in was the pasting of Michel Jackson and what we were seeing around Japan about it. Some people in large groups were doing his dancing moves to his music, almost every T.V. station had something about him whether it was his life’s story, career or when his came to Japan (which was a lot). I saw at least two large street T.V. screens in Tokyo that was showing all his music videos over and over again and you could hear it for blocks! Along with all that and watching the AFN* news network (*CNN, FOX, MSCBC networks)talking about Jackson I feel as if I’m getting a M.J. overdose! Hope I don’t I O.D. or something! Anyway here’s some work. Don’t forget to try the crazy (but, really cool and tasty) drinks over here!:wink:


I forgot what this thing is called (if somebody does outthere tell me please.) however, it’s something from old Japan. It’s job was to tell when the rice harvest was suppose to happen. Since many Japanese from the old times did know how it read or write they had this ball which was a living plant or something which was green when it was hung up and when it turned brown after it died it was time to harvest. In basic, it worked like a clock.


“The city of Nagasaki was opened up by the Portguese in the year 1571. It soon became a busy trading port and center for the Christain missionary activities. In 1641, after the adoption of a national ban on Christainity and the expulsion of the Portuguese, the Dutch trading post and Chinese settlement in Nagasaki became Japan’s only ports of contact with the outsideworld.”

-Nagasaki city tourism guide.





That’s for now. Later!


The view over Nagasaki is awesome, as well as those lanterns, tykes!


Now here is something you might see or get when you visit or live in a Japanese neighborhood for a while. This is known by one name as a “message folder”. It is used to spread notices of events or important information happening in your neighbor. This is most likely hung on your front door and your task after reading it is to put your seal or name on it then past it to the next person on your floor in the apartment complex.


It tells about the “Summer Festival” happening around the neighborhood this weekend with events, plans on the day, a map around the town and also other information about like not to park you car or truck in places around the streets during the next few days during the festival.