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Let’s see how diverse are the tastes of AN’s userbase. Post pictures, videos, keyboard typings of your pets. Include a name, species, breed, or whatever it is you feel we should know about the animal.

Disclaimer: Furries need not apply.

I’ll start with my cat, Sydney. I’m not exactly sure what breed she is, but I know she has some Maine Coon in her (my favorite cat). Perhaps there are some cat experts who can determine whether she’s 100% Maine Coon or not?

Here are some (very old) pictures:

Also here’s a recent video of her kneading my blanket to the sounds of Beethoven.


As for her personality, she’s a lovable cat. Her meow sounds like the buzzing of a mosquito, which is I think a trait for Maine Coons. She’s timid around strangers and usually hides in the bathroom. She likes going outside and just chilling under my porch the entire day. Overall, a very cool cat.

This is my oldest cat, Teal’c - he’s 11. He sleeps with me. He walks on my bladder and snores.

This is the baby, Charlie. He’s 3. He’s afraid of everything, but when he gets tired, that’s it, he just falls over on his side.

Her name is Lucy, although most people call her “Boogie” for whatever reason. >.> She’s like a year and a half old. She plays fetch!

The Grayc

And Pooka Bear

I forgot slow is a stargate fan…sadly I don’t have pets of my own, but i have some past family pets…

Sadly Buddy drowned in our pool about 3 weeks later. I was the one who pulled him out.

My current pet Charlie, he has many other names Tubs (He looks fat), Lion (Because of his mane, large paws and his stoutness) and there are other names but I can’t think of them at the moment.

That white fur on his chest is so very very soft.

He loves to lie on his back as you may have noticed in the photos… He gets hyper-active usually at night and does things that he knows he shouldn’t. He loves shoes, scratching them and sticking his head in them. Oh and he doesn’t seem to be affected by or interested in catnip.

Before him I had a pair of female rats (I highly recommend rats as pets, the only draw back to them is their short life span). Their names were Clancy (Named after a donkey) and Fraya (Named after the FF9 character). Clancy was a sporty rat and loved running and jumping while Fraya was a motherly rat, when making their beds Fraya would take the tissue paper from me and go and place it carefully in their nest, Clancy on the other hand just liked to take the paper and drop it anywhere until she got bored and then let Fraya finish the nest. I have a very good photo of Fraya somewhere (I’m going to look for it) but here’s a photo of Clancy in one of her rare moments sitting still.

Yeah thats my groin as well.

Slowhand wrote:

I thought that was Mr. Slowhand…anyway…

This is Haley, my girl corgi (the one on the Left) We are cosplaying TTGL with our sunglasses.


Haissan wrote:

Sadly Buddy drowned in our pool about 3 weeks later. I was the one who pulled him out.[/quote]

Manly tears man. RIP Buddy. :frowning:

outlander wrote:

This is Haley, my girl corgi (the one on the Left) We are cosplaying TTGL with our sunglasses.[/quote]

That is an awesome corgi. How is she? I’m thinking that when I get my own house, I’ll get either a corgi or Bernese mountain dog.

Here’s a picture of my family’s chihuahua, Friskie. He’s a pretty dull dog, very much reliant on my mom to be around at all times for comfort. At 10-years-old now, though, I guess he’s gotten better, but I never really go home anymore, so :unsure:

Hentai wrote:
[quoteThat is an awesome corgi. How is she? I’m thinking that when I get my own house, I’ll get either a corgi or Bernese mountain dog.


You can’t go wrong in getting a corgi. They are fantastic. They are cute, funny, playful, smart and everybody’s friend

here is some youtube of corgi pups

I don’t have any pets anymore… we JUST moved. But I’ll post pics of them anyway, because all of them except one are technically still mine as my boyfriend has them!

First off, the boys: I had 3 Bettas. I love these fish! They come in lots of different colors, as you can see :slight_smile: One was a veiltail and the other two were half moon bettas.

Amigo, my first Betta :3

Boa, my second

and last, Harvey! This guy may have a genetic quirk with his fins because as he’s gotten older they stared to curl over and get kind of weird.

this is Ren. tbh I don’t know if she is actually a she or he… but I think she’s actually a boy. It’s hard to tell the gender in more exotic colored parakeets!

and this is my baby Donnie…:frowning: unfortunately when we moved we couldn’t take him, and won’t get him back if we go up there like my fish and bird. He is 23 this year and just a DOLL. Every one of my friends loved him. My boyfriend was absolutely terrified of horses and wouldn’t come NEAR him, but after a month or so he was feeding him with me! He was my first horse <3

I love running after farm animals…just caught a duck with my hands the other day… and about 12 chickens, and a steer-calf, and a dog, and two cats, and what else…my GF needs a Lama…

Haissan wrote:

They can use you on Animal Cops Houston.

Thats a show?

Haissan wrote:

On Animal Planet

Here are pictures of some of my pets. They’re all so cute, especially my 1 pound kitten. I have no name for her yet, but I call her stinky.
This is Loki. A great cat. Very sweet.
Her is my Nikki. The greatest dog in the world. She’s a lover.
Here is Stinky on top of Nikki. Nikki was scared to death of this kitten at first. I wish I had her on video.

I use to have a german shepherd/collie mix named Nikki. She actually looked a lot like your dog. She was a great dog and very protective. She chased down and beat the s*it out of two Pitt bulls that growled at me. It was amazing!

dragonrider_cody wrote:

Nikki is also very protective. Usually, she isn’t afraid of anything but the vacuum cleaner. That’s why I was surprised when she jumped on my lap when we took the cat home. Now, she is the ultimate protector of Stinky.
PS Good for your Nikki. Shepards and Collies are both fantastic, and my 2 favorite breeds.

I have a white German Shepherd now named Mattix. He is such a baby, but he is very protective of our cats. I use to spray them with a squirt gun when they would get on the table or counter, and he would get mad and rip the gun out of my hand…lol

Reminds me that I need to take and post some pics!

wow…I want a kitty

I love having an animal to keep up with. I’ve had cats, an iguana named Reptile, and some fish. That iguana was my favorite of them all; my mom got him for me while I was out of town one time. He was about two inches long but by the time I had to get rid of him he was almost four feet long. Spent hours in staring matches!