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While I’m often not one to dabble into the arts, occasionally the academia requires me to come up with nonsense, be it text or “art”. This thread will house such tomfoolery I’ve created over the years. Not all works here will have scholastic intents, bear that in mind.


First I’ll post any sig pics I’ve made. Due to a dramatic decrease in Photoshop use recently, I most likely cannot produce sigs of such calibre, minimal as it may have been even at its peak.

Here are some I made for my Newgrounds account, Chumbawamba:

(that last one was made about two months ago, the others perhaps two years)

I think I’ve made sigs for several members of the AN forums, but the only ones I kept were those for jackitsu and Vicious… Which is too bad, because I remember making some pretty kickass ones for Alita.

And here’s the sig I used for my Tom Selleck alias. Absolutely classy.

I have no idea where my other sigs went! Man, I’m really gonna have to search my Vaio twice over again, I spent a lot of time in Photoshop.


Hentai art, it’s great!


fillet wrote:

I see what you did there


The last one is simply, wow, there are no words…


“the erotic pencil”

nothing is quite the same
when I stick my pencil
up your beautiful ass.

Inspired by by William Carlos Williams.


I made some buttons for the AN forums that were in use a long time ago. Poo Boy rox! (quick reply) (thread locked, can’t post) (PM reply) (PM forward)


ZakuAce wrote:

[quote]fillet wrote:

I see what you did there[/quote]

Hahahahaha I never would have taken that that way. Good observation!!

Nice sigs… Wanna make me one? lol

I didn’t know you made those buttons, sweet.


FoamyFreak wrote:

Nice sigs… Wanna make me one? lol

I didn’t know you made those buttons, sweet.[/quote]

Haha, I would, but I can barely make one for myself as is–it’s been too long. And thanks!


Lol that’s alright. All my old sigs where just pictures with text around them anyways… haha Just plopped them right into the sig thing and they couldn’t even be considered sigs most likely.


Damn and here I was about to ask you to make me one of your famous sigs as well. You promised and everything. </3


PretearHimeno wrote:

I’ll get to it on the weekend.


You already have one Himeno! :stuck_out_tongue:


FoamyFreak wrote:

Yes, but I make-a one for her anyway!


OMG! It’s sooo… gaudy!


Slowhand wrote:

It’s a Hentai Original™. Comes in all shapes and sizes.

For instance, I made this a long time ago. I think I intended it to be a sig.


See how far he’s willing to go for lulz? He’s even willing to take the time to make lul sigs instead of nice ones that we appreciate. How dare you Hentai. Well, I know someone who won’t be receiving a Christmas card of me and my cat this year. ;_;


You send out Christmas cards of you and your cat?




What? It was a simple question… lol