Princess Nine / Kisaragijoshikou Yakyuubu

Princess Nine / Kisaragijoshikou Yakyuubu

Princess Nine is Out of Print and only available through Ebay or Amazon auctions (and sometimes RightStuf when they get a few copies in from the warehouse)

Genres: drama, romance, tournament
Themes: baseball, Love Triangle, Sports, Unrequited Lovel
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Keiko Himuro, Chairman of the Kisuragi School, puts together an all-girl baseball team led by Ryo Hayakawa, daughter of a legendary pitcher, in hopes of proving that girls can compete just as well as boys. Their goal: Koshien stadium, where only the best teams get the opportunity to play.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 1998-04-08 to 1998-10-14

ANN Info Page

English Production and Cast

ADR Director: Matt Greenfield

Hilary Haag as Ryo Hayakawa
Aninda Praptiningtyas as Kanako Mita
Cynthia Martinez as Hikaru Yoshimoto
Kelli Cousins as Seira Morimura
Kira Vincent-Davis as Koharu Hotta
Margeaux Baulch as Yuki Azuma
Monica Rial as Izumi Himuro
Shelley Calene-Black as Mao Daidoji
Tiffany Grant as Yoko Tokashiki
Andy McAvin as Shinsaku Kido
Kelly Manison as Keiko Himuro
Vic Mignogna as Hiroki Takasugi

Press and Reviews

[quote]Princess Nine has eye-catches that list player statistics, favorite foods, and hobbies. Although they’re still between the episodes, ADV has also placed the first five in the extras menu for easier perusal. A clean/creditless opening and ending are included as extras, too.

This show is simply nothing short of astounding. Not only is the show a solid shoujo series, but it is a powerful sports title, too. ADV has taken great care to ensure this series receives a wide release in America. I highly recommend Princess Nine!

Overall (dub): A[/quote]

[quote]Princess Nine has been a great series and one that has been made extremely accessible to the fan. With good episode counts, low price point and aggressive marketing, it plays right into the market that’s looking for something more than what they’ve been getting. With so few sports shows available, thinking that they’re not something most North American fans are interested in, Princess Nine manages to capture a huge share of that group of people who are thirsting for this kind of show.

My only hope now is that with ADV’s already good relationship with the producing studio (Phoenix, who did Sin), that this series has done well enough to look into investing into another season. Or for the die-hard fan, retiming the subtitle track slightly and putting out a Collectors Series with the Japanese 5.1 that couldn’t be synched with the stereo mixes here.

Regardless, Princess Nine is one of those series that I will definitely be taking the time to revisit in the near future for a marathon session.

Grade: A[/quote]

One of the great series of the past that not many people seem to know about nowadays. I was fortunate enough to get this series before it became nearly impossible to find new, over 2 years ago.

Powerful, meaningful and touching sports themed series with slice of life and romance elements. It’s truly a series with something for everyone who likes good storylines that touch the heart for those who like Miyaziki films or Kaleido Star style movies/shows.

The series was released to great critical praise for a reason and in part this was the first series that launched the careers of Hilary Haag, Vic Mignogna and Monica Rial. The rest of the cast is ADV’s all star line up from the time period with everyone from Chris Patton to Christine Auten to Kira Vincent Davis to Cynthia Martinez to Jennifer Earheart to Sheley Callene Black to Kelli Cousins and Kelly Manison.

Music lovers will enjoy the music too, with the energetic JPOP theme and main theme song creating a sense of excitement with the orchestral score - performed by Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

A rare gem that deserves to be in everyone’s collection.

I added this to my collection about 2 months ago now (got a great deal on ebay for the singles) but haven’t had the chance to watch it. But it is right at the top of my backlog, right behind Aria and Princess Resurrection. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Dragoon and I have set up another viewing schedule to watch the whole series (6 DVDs) as it’s a new series to me.

For those that want to participate:

Watch the DVDs according to the schedule, then come back here to the forum to post your thoughts, findings, and views on the series thus far.

Viewing Schedule:
Tuesday 7/21 - Princess Nine DVD 1 (episodes 1-5)[/size]

2 days off for VOD/Online stuff

Friday 7/24 - Princess Nine DVD 2 (episodes 6-9)
Saturday 7/25 - Princess Nine DVD 3 (episodes 10-13)
Sunday 7/26 - Princess Nine DVD 4 (episodes 14-17)
Monday 7/27 - Princess Nine DVD 5 (episodes 18-21)
Tuesday 7/28 - Princess Nine DVD 6 (episodes 22-26)

I was just curious about whether you guys will be watching the show in a subbed or dubbed format. I want to make sure that I can talk about the same voice actors, etc. :slight_smile:

I only watched subbed stuff if I absolutely have to and have no other choice.

However, if you or anyone else wants to participate in the group viewing and watch it subbed, you can, just keep in mind, most of the VA conversation will be about the ADV VAs, so it might be a little awkward. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching and participating in the conversations.

Considering this is one of the most acclaimed dubs of the time period, Dubbed for me. :wink: Like Coffee said though it shouldn’t prevent other people from watching it sub, if they have the DVDs both are optional preferences.

I second your first statement above, Coffee God. I’m more of a dubbed person myself. I didn’t want to be on the wrong page, and I was opening to watching it subbed, since I’ve already seen it dubbed. Dubbed is always better for me thought, 'cause I can multitask while I watch, instead of having to stare at the screen so I won’t miss something. :wink:

Anyway, looking forward to the group screening. :slight_smile:

DVD 1 (ep. 1-5) down.

Well dragoon, you were definitely right about the soundtrack, it’s awesome and love it!

As for the series itself so far…

It’s shaping up to be rather interesting, though starting off a bit slow, as we begin to get introduced to the various characters. Which I don’t mind in the slightest, since I love character developement. It’s not done yet either, since we only have 5 out of 9 players up to this point.

You can already see the competition building between various of the characters, especially between Ryo & Izumi.

Vic Mignogna is awesome (as usual) as is the rest of the cast to this point, but that “tofu girl” bit just rules and takes the cake so far, as funniest line.

And with Princess Nine we go back in time to mid-late 1990s production. 90s productions don’t typically have a lot of flash but just a lot of good story telling and entertaining characters… it’s an era I personally love and Princess Nine to me represents one of the best titles of the 90s. But on with the show…

Did you notice something in the credits…? I’m surprised you didn’t ask what was up with Kira Solar. :wink:

Glad to hear you love the soundtrack, it’s awesome and even though the composition is Japanese… the performance by Warsaw Philharmonic gives it a distinct Eastern European sound that surprisingly works very well with this series. RightStuf has both soundtracks for $3 each, having enjoyed the music/soundtracks for some years now, I can say it’s well worth the price even at MSRP.

The first episodes are get to know episodes, as this is a large cast, there is still quite a bit more to come before the competition aspects. I loved the first two episodes that focused on Ryo. The genuine character and Hilary’s performance, it was just a very natural presentation.

As I mentioned before, these were Vic Mignogna and Monica Rial’s first major roles, and they were performances that really launched them to stardom… Both Vic and Monica were nothing short of excellent in my view, this is probably still even today, one of my very favorite Monica Rial performances… the same can be said of Hilary Haag’s, but a few years prior she had the iconic Bubblegum Crisis 2040… but this was her main staring role of note in my opinion. I just love the english casting in this, Matt Greenfield hit a home run… like Siera’s part is perfectly played by Kelli Cousins, and as to be expected (with today’s view of hindsight) Kira Vincent Davis and Cynthia Martinez with the tomboyish female type characters. Another role of note I think is Andy McAvin, this may be my favorite performance of his. This and Martian Successor Nadesico were the two productions to really start ADV’s dub studio’s consistent blossoming before the golden age (RahXephon and forward).

I think what makes Princess Nine for me so wonderful is, it doesn’t rely on a lot of over the top presentation or too much drama. It’s just a genuine show, no flash… just good storytelling and great characters that warm the heart, and executed with a level of charm that is uncommon.

This volume flew by, can’t wait to see Vol 2 on friday. Truth be told I watched it twice this week, lol. While on commercial for 00, I hit pause on the cable box, and I popped in the DVD just to watch the OP, and before I knew it, I watched the whole DVD. Watched it again in entirety this morning. Still can’t get enough even after all these years.

I think I will have to join in on this. Conveniently you happen to be viewing the same volume I was on anyway. But I will have to squeeze it in with Torchwood: Children of Earth this week. I love Princess Nine, but I gotta have my Captain Jack fix!

It’ll be great if you could join us. :slight_smile:

I remember talking to you about this series a while ago in the old forums, did you ever get a chance to watch it yet, or is this your first viewing of it?

Still working through my first viewing. I believe I’m on disc 3. I got sidetracked by some other DVD’s.

DVD 2 (Ep. 5-9)

Things are picking up with this one.

Here, we get introduced to the rest of the players, Mao, Kanako, & Yoko, but they’re still one player short and with a practice game looming in the future with one of the top Junior High schools.

Since they need a good offensive player, Ryo decides to try and recrute Izumi, and we find out that the two girls have a history of sorts. Which leads to a “be all/end all” competition between them, if Ryo wins, Izumi joins the team, if Izumi wins, the team gets disolved.

I have to say, that competition between Ryo & Izumi was awesome!

God I loved that show. I think I still have the ending theme on my ipod.

DVD 2 (Ep 5-9)

We see Kira Solar switch to just Kira… hmm. No thoughts on that Mr. Resident KVD fan? :wink: I should put that on a trivia if we do another one lol.

This volume was packed for 4 episodes… further development between Ryo and Hiroki, which further pushes away Izumi and creates a sort of love triangle/rectangle situation, while in parallel we find out Izumi’s mother and Ryo’s father were teen-age lovers. I love the way that whole drama exploded with Izumi taking it out all on Ryo. Izumi’s relationship with her mother has also been very interesting to watch unfold. The scene where she talks about breaking free from the guilded cage was awesome… but there’s still quite a few pieces of the puzzle left unknown.

Going back to Ryo and Hiroki situation though, notice how even Ryo got jealous when she realized Hiroki helped Izumi with the batting.

For a shoujo series and still remaining family friendly, there’s a whole lot of sophistication going on in the relationships and the drama.

Can’t wait to see the next Volume later tonight.

Truth be told, I didn’t notice that on the first DVD, but I did notice on DVD 2 that it was just Kira.

Yeah I mentioned it in the previous page. Since you’re such a big fan, I thought it woulda caught your eye and made you ask what was up with that? You might have caught slow-itis (Hides)… you usually notice the smallest of details. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it’s on one of ADV’s older DVDs where this was discussed… I can’t remember which, maybe the Martian Successor Nadesico Essentials release where they made extras for it and it was discussed… I’m not sure, I do know it’s an older one and one that’s in my collection.

But none of those last names (including Vincent Davis) are her actual family names. Unlike other VAs though this has nothing to do with Union (since Texas is a right to work state), but rather from what I remember she didn’t quite fancy her Greek last name or something to that effect at the time. I’d have to hear it again to remember the exact phrasing used in the ADV commentary extras though, as it has been years.

Well there’s your factoid for the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s something I didn’t know, though not too surprising, I am a KVD fan, but not rerally an obsessive one.

DVD 3 (Ep. 10-13)


With this volume, we see Keiko’s determination to get her all-girls baseball team able to participate in the baseball league, first against the Junior High team, and second, when the High School Baseball Association denies them entrance, against the Rinkai team, a Koshein runner up.

Against the Junior High team, the girls start off on solid ground, with the surprise factor, but soon start to faulter as their inexperiance begins to seep through. At this point, Izumi makes her entrance to help the team win, and with that, we see the completion of the team with the addition of Izumi into the ranks.

Izumi, who sees Mao as a weak link, also notices Ryo not trying as hard because of concern for Mao’s ability to be catcher. So she takes it upon herself to motivate Mao, by challenging her to catch even one pitch from Ryo out of 100 proper pitches, or she leaves the team. Which in turn, also motivates Ryo to try harder.

With that accomplished, the team moves on to play against Rinkai. Coach Kido, knowing that his team is still green and knowing there’s no way to win fairly, comes up with a pychological strategy, using the male hormones to his advantage, which works excellently for a time, but only gives them 2 runs. Soon, Rinkai catches on to the ploy, and the girls tactics lose their effectiveness.

And this, is where we leave off in this DVD.
Damn them cliffhangers!

I’m sure the setup to the Lightning Ball is an important part of this, but as it’s the actual title to the next episode, I’ll be covering that after tomorrows DVD 4 watching. Unless someone else would like to cover that part.

We’ll have to change that Coffee, give us time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exciting Volume with…

with seeing how the team is starting to develop as a group and overcome the trials and tribulations put forth in front of them.

Inspite of Izumi’s Ice Princess exterior we’re seeing her push her team forward with her tough act. Like any good group, sometimes tough love and the bad cop role is necessary.

Some of my favorite scenes in this volume were the ones between Ryo and Coach Kido, like how he had her till the soil, but not give her the answer she wanted.

This volume exemplifies why I enjoy this series so much, the beautiful writing is all very natural and real, not a lot of gimmicks, just really believable dialogue and storytelling… especially scenes with Ryo and the Coach.

Exciting conclusion, I almost watched the next DVD right after last night, but had to control myself… I just know once I cheat I’ll watch the entire series in one night! :stuck_out_tongue: