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Ace of Diamond / Daiya no A


Ace of Diamond / Daiya no A


Genres: comedy, slice of life, tournament
Themes: baseball, sport
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of Episodes: 75
Vintage: 2013-10-06
Opening Theme: 1: “Go EXCEED!!” by Tom-H@ck featuring Masayoshi Ōnishi
2: “Perfect Hero” by Tom-H@ck featuring Masayoshi Ōishi
3: “Hashire! Mirai” (Run Ahead Toward the Future!) by GLAY
Ending Theme: 1:“Seek Diamonds” by Yoko Hikasa
2: “Glory!” by Suzuko Mimori
3: “Mirai e Tsunage” by DŌP
4: “CLOUD NINE” by Seidō High School Baseball Team
5: “PROMISED FIELD” by Ryota Ohsaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, & Natsuki Hanae
6: “FINAL VICTORY” by Seidō High School Baseball Team
Plot Summary: "Eijun Sawamura is a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan’s storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination.

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Ace of Diamond: Second Season / Daiya no A ~Second Season~

Genres: tournament
Themes: baseball, sports
Number of Episodes: 51
Vintage: 2015-04-06
Opening Theme: 1: “Go EXCEED!!” by Tom-H@ck featuring Masayoshi Ōishi (ep 1)
2: “Perfect Hero” by Tom-H@ack featuring Masayoshi Ōishi (ep 2)
3: “Hashire! Mirai” (Run Ahead Toward the Future!) by GLAY (ep 3)
4: “HEROES” by GLAY (eps 4-26)
5: “Sora ga Aozora de aru Tame ni” by GLAY
Ending Theme: 1: “Glory!” by Suzuko Mimori (ep 1)
2: “Cloud Nine” by Seidō High School Baseball Team (ep 2)
3: “PROMISED FIELD” by Ryota Ohsaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, & Natsuki Hanae (ep 3)
4: “Kimero!!” by OxT (eps 4-13)
5: “BLUE WINDING ROAD” by Seidō High School Baseball Team (eps 14-26)
6: “Bloom of Youth” by OxT (eps 27-39)
7: “BRAND NEW BLUE” by Ryota Ohsaka with Masayoshi Ōishi (eps 40-51)
Plot Summary: Coach Kataoka takes the failure to reach nationals upon himself as some shortcoming in himself. With the fall tournament presenting a new chance to reach nationals the team strives to overcome gaps left by the third years absence. As they strive to improve they retain the hope of making nationals and keeping their treasured coach from retiring. The battle to hold the position of ace between Sawamura, Furuya and Nori continues bringing new strengths to the team.

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Ace of Diamond (OAV)

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Ace of Diamond Act II


Vintage: 2019-04-02
Opening Theme: 1: “Sora ga Aozora de Aru tame ni” by GLAY
Ending Theme: 1: “Golden After School” OxT

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Ace of Diamond Baseball Manga Gets Original Anime DVD

posted on 2014-07-17 06:45 EDT
DVD adapts guidebook’s short story about Kominato brothers

Ace of Diamond Baseball Manga Gets TV Anime This Fall

posted on 2013-05-09 11:25 EDT
Yūji Terajima’s story of high school team’s drive for national championships



Episodes 1 & 2 -


Eijun is very loyal to his friends, but it’s holding him back. His friends realize that and push him into taking the opportunity of going to Seidou. Their parting was very sad. Eijun realizes too late that they really don’t want him to go. But it’s for his own good and Eijun will have a lot of challenges ahead of him. This story looks very promising.



After Clannad I am afraid to watch any anime involving baseball.



Episode 3 –


Eijun gets off the train in Tokyo and announces his presence! LOL Although he’s excited to begin, life isn’t exactly a bed of roses at Seidou. His roommates keep him up all night, so Eijun overslept and is late on his first day. The head coach is not pleased when he’s caught sneaking into the line! But at least the coach is fair and punishes everyone. And even after that, Eijun is not allowed to practice with the others. He’s really starting off on the wrong foot with that head coach!

Kataoka gives Eijun one chance in the form of a challenge – to hit the fence - and the overconfident Eijun is positive he can win it. But the ball curves and he loses. He becomes a laughingstock, and not only does the coach tell him to give up on his dream of being an ace pitcher, but Eijun is also banned from practice. He will only be allowed to run around the field. Of course, he has no idea that Kataoka was really impressed with his pitch, so Eijun is determined not to give up. He accepts his punishment of running and hopes to prove the coach wrong with his resolve.



Episode 4 –


It’s sad to see Eijun’s classmates and even his teacher laugh at him for being at that Seidou on a scholarship when he isn’t even on the team. But a fellow student, Haruno, can sympathize with him. She wants to be a manager, but is a total klutz and doesn’t quite fit in either. I see a future friendship here!

Eijun elects to stay behind when the first string goes off to play a game. He begins his run and meets Haruno when she throws a tire at him. An accident of course! LOL After an initial misunderstanding, and encouraged by Haruno’s words, Eijun run with not one, but two tires! When he takes a break, he realizes that he has the field to himself and can have some fun. But he has no one to play with – except himself!

It was funny watching him “throw and catch” and he didn’t even notice that he was being watched. The guy watching offers to play catch with him since he missed the bus to the game. He seems to be a humorless person and doesn’t like the way Eijun throws. He also can’t understand how Eijun is having fun with this. But when the guy gets warmed up and serious, Eijun can’t catch his pitches. Without realizing it, Eijun has just met his rival for ace!

In the end, Seidou barely won their game against Ichidai. The pitcher, Tanba, is still recovering from an injury, so maybe it’s time to look for someone better. His status of ace is revoked and everyone wonders who will replace him for the summer tournament. And they only have three months!

Watching Furuya pitch, Eijun begins to run with three tires. Kataoka is also impressed by his pitch and wants to see a team of just the first-years to see how good they really are. Will Eijun finally be able to play?



Episode 5 –


Eijun hears about the game between the first years and the upper classmen from Miyuki, and desperately wants to play. I like how Furuya comes along and pushes Eijun out of his chair! There was an empty seat on the other side of Miyuki, so there was really no need for him to do that. But Furuya has an ulterior motive. He wants Miyuki to be his catcher. The other students take offense and gang up on Furuya until Tanba stops them. Miyuki now sees what the coach is trying to do.

When Eijun later takes a bath, the coach is in there and he’s wearing his shades! LOL Eijun just wants to die. Kataoka isn’t all that impressed that Eijun has been running with tires and he makes note of the fact that Eijun hasn’t attended a single game to cheer his team on. He wants to know why and Eijun panics. Eijun ends up giving the coach his honest answer. Because of that, Kataoka is going to give him another chance!

At the game, the upper classmen are tearing the first years into shreds. But it doesn’t faze Eijun. He can’t wait for his turn on the mound. By the end of the third inning, the first years already feel defeated. Eijun tries to fire them up, but it doesn’t work. He finally gets his chance when the coach picks him to play in the next inning. Eijun is all excited as he practically floats to the mound, but that isn’t what the coach intended. He sends Eijun to right field, and poor Eijun is devastated to be an outfielder.

Never, having played as an outfielder before, Eijun stinks. He misses a catch and even manages to hit a player with a ball. Eijun becomes a laughing stock once again. The coach sends out Furuya to pitch next. Everyone is watching to see how he will do. His very first pitch hits the coach, who tells him that he passes. He will be allowed to practice now with the first string. Everyone is in awe. Tanba has also been redeemed.

The coach has what he wanted and sees no point in continuing the game, but then he spies Eijun, still fired up and excited. Seeing that Eijun is about to bat, the coach decides to let it go for another inning. And of course Eijun strikes out – twice! Eijun is determined to hit the next pitch – and misses. However, the catcher has dropped the ball, so Eijun can run. And he does, with all his might! He is declared safe and Eijun awaits the next batter. This is very exciting!



Episode 6 –


Eijun wants to try to steals but there are no openings. The first years have no coach and are having problems figuring out things on their own. Furuya leaves to go train on his own, since there is no longer a reason for him to be there. Kataoka still intends to end the game after the inning. He sees no reason to keep going.

A boy with a wooden bat asks to be the next hitter and everyone laughs. He steps up to the plate and makes a sign that doesn’t really mean anything in order to distract the pitcher. But Eijun calls out that he doesn’t know what the sign means and ruins the plan. LOL Everyone laughs again. The batter declares that he will get Eijun back to the plate. Even before Haruichi hits the ball, Eijun is running. He makes it home and is declared safe. Yay!

The run is an ego boost for the team, but the coach still wants to end the game. He gets a request from the catcher to keep the game going, but he tells both teams to line up and “wrap it up”. He still sees no reason to keep playing. In his mind, the older students have won and he’s already seen what he wanted to. However, if everyone on the first year team agrees to keep going, he will reconsider. Eijun tries to give his team a pep talk, but they resent him, blaming him for much of their failure. However, it gets them angry enough to want to keep playing.

The coach wanted to see this kind of fire from the team earlier and will let Eijun pitch next. Eijun is excited to finally get his chance. I just hope he doesn’t blow it. The batters can hit his pitches, but so far, they are outs. The third pitch is also hit, but Haruichi is amazing and it’s another out. The game has changed and the first years are much more energetic. However, Eijun has to face his roommate, Masuko, next and he is determined to be back in the first string.

The catcher missed the pitch and Masuko changes his stance. He hits the ball, but it’s a foul. Eijun throws again and Masuko hits a home run. Eijun analyzes his feelings and is a little disheartened, but he’s also excited and wants to pitch more. The observers are stunned to see Eijun smiling! He’s even more fired up now and I think the coach is pleased with his reaction.



Episode 7 –


Everyone is talking about Furuya and Eijun. It was a good game, but the upperclassmen ended up winning. However, Eijun never gave up. And Masuko made it back on the active roster.

Furuya is now on the first string team, and Eijun and Haruichi have made it into the second string. But Eijun isn’t happy and still wants to be on the first string team. Furuya and Eijun have also gotten the pitcher training menu, and will now have to work twice as hard. But Furuya gets to practice with Miyuki and Eijun is disappointed. Eijun is paired with another pitcher, named Chris, and is even more unhappy.

It turns out that Chris doesn’t want to work with Eijun either. He is rather soft-spoken and methodical, and Eijun is his complete opposite. Chris doesn’t think that Eijun will ever be the ace either. However, I think Eijun will learn a lot from Chris, and be a much better pitcher for it. And perhaps Eijun will be good for Chris as well.



Episode 8 –


Eijun is angry. Chris seems to care nothing for him and has already told Eijun that he will never be the ace. However, Furuya and Miyuki are practicing up a storm, and Eijun is jealous. He really wanted to be paired with Miyuki! Eijun discusses the ridiculous training program that Chris gave him with his roommates, and finds out that the exercises seem to be a conditioning regimen to prevent injuries.

After completing the exercises, he goes to Chris, and although it’s late at night, Eijun asks Chris to catch his pitches. But Chris says that only when Eijun follows that training program for a year, will he acknowledge him. Just another blow to Eijun’s ego! And in a year, Chris will be gone anyway. So when Eijun is presented with a new training menu, he tosses it away without even looking at it. At least he later thinks better of it and picks it up.

At the Kanto Tournament, Seido is losing and Tanba is switched out with Furuya. Once again, Eijun gets mad, and the opposing team still thinks the game is theirs. Furuya amazes the crowd, and Chris once again tells Eijun that he will never be the ace – not as long as Furuya is around. But Eijun accuses Chris of giving up on himself as well, and not wanting to be any better than he is. Eijun tells Chris that he will never give up on always wanting to improve himself. Chris tells Eijun not to end up like him and walks away.

Eijun is still having other problems playing the game. But he still complains to Rei about being paired with Chris. He still wants Miyuki. Miyuki overhears this and tries to tell Eijun to be patient, but once the floodgates open, Eijun can’t stop and even begins to insult Chris. Miyuki takes offense and shoves Eijun back against the wall. I think Rei stopped Miyuki from taking a swing at Eijun and he leaves.

Eijun just sits there, shocked at his idol’s behavior. Rei later tells Eijun a little of the background between Chris and Miyuki. Chris had kept playing with an injured shoulder and no one noticed until it was too late. This explains all those exercises! And when Eijun finds out why Chris leaves the field early every day, he feels really rotten about the things he had said. He interrupts the rehab session and formally apologizes to Chris, begging him to teach him baseball. I think they will be on better terms now. At least I hope so.



Episode 9 –


Eijun begs Chris to teach him baseball. However, Chris is warned that he shouldn’t even be going to practice because of his shoulder. But Eijun follows him around constantly, and makes quite a nuisance of himself. Chris gives him his training exercises, but tells him not to overwork himself. He also tells Eijun to stop following him around, calling him a pest. LOL Eijun is now learning all he can about baseball.

Furuya is getting a lot of attention. Tanba is too. Everyone agrees that Seido as a great team this year. Eijun gets permission to watch the team practice in order to learn more. Rei is pleased with his efforts. Miyuki talks to Chris about Eijun. He tells Chris that a catcher could bring out his true talents. Chris knows that Eijun is talented, but doesn’t think he can help him grow.

Eijun is still bothering Chris and is surprised when Chris finally gives in to him. After a lengthy warm-up, Chris gives Eijun a scenario and asks him what he would throw. Eijun says he would use his best pitch, but it’s his only pitch. Chris reminds him that this one pitch could win or lose the game and it finally hits Eijun. He thinks over the scenario and throws. Chris catches it and tells him it was a home run. He really needs Eijun to think about what he throws and asks him what his “distinctive qualities” are. Eijun has no idea and waits for Chris to tell him, but this is something that Eijun has to learn for himself.

Eijun talks to his roommates about his qualities and they list all his bad ones. LOL That’s no help. So he asks Haruichi. But as they talk, Eijun finds out that two second string players will be moved to the first string and he’s determined to be one of those players. Eijun gets to play in a game and thinks he has great control over his throws. LOL Has he ever seen himself play? Anyway, he keeps aiming for the catcher’s mitt and all his pitches are getting hit. The other team thinks Eijun is a horrible pitcher, but that works for their team! Even Rei can see that Eijun has completely lost himself.

His team has had it and Eijun is switched out. Chris talks to him in the dugout, but Eijun still doesn’t know what he wants of him. Chris tells him to build on his foundation, so maybe Eijun is starting to understand. And Furuya is still getting plenty of attention with the first string team, but Miyuki realizes that Furuya has a weakness. He’s too hard on his fingertips, and the coach reprimands him, banning him from pitching for two weeks. Meanwhile, Tanba is on fire. Competing against Furuya has been good for him. Seeing Eijun running with Furuya and the tires was funny. They make great rivals. LOL



Episode 10 –


Chris is still trying to teach Eijun patience, but Eijun still doesn’t get it. After talking to him about his fingers, Christ tells him to concentrate on improving his fastball. Eijun thinks about the exercises Chris had given him and finally realizes how they are meant to help him. Chris tells him that he still has a long way to go.

Chris is going to graduate soon and Eijun means to show him that he’s improved before then. This is the only way Eijun can think of to repay Chris for his help. The coach catches him practicing late at night, and while at first reprimanding him, he ends up helping him. The results were funny when Eijun hits the coach with the towel.

Chris is still healing, but his dad is putting the pressure on him to quit Seido and go to America. But Chris has his own reasons for wanting to finish school in Japan. And Tanba wants to see Chris back on the first string team. It isn’t going to happen, but Chris appreciates the thought. It just makes his feelings stronger for wanting to graduate with his friends.

Rei is giving Eijun one more chance to pitch with the second string team. She reminds him that there are still two spots to fill on the first string team, as well as a summer training camp. This will be his last chance or he’s off the team. Eijun wants Chris to be his catcher in the game.

The game is with Kokudokan. They aren’t happy to see Eijun on the mound. They really wanted to go up against Furuya. Eijun is warned that he’ll pitch for three innings, but if he pitches like he did the last time, he’ll be switched out before then and that will be that. Chris will not be his catcher, but encourages Eijun. He throws out his first pitch with everything he has. Will it be enough?



Episode 11 –


Eijun’s throw was weird and the catcher missed it. Then it happens again. Well, at least his form has improved a bit. However, it looks like they are going to switch him out again. Chris begs the coach to leave Eijun in the game, but the coach now wants Chris to be his catcher. Will he do it? He does have that shoulder injury to consider.

His teammates encourage Chris to play and he’ll do it. The coach calls for a switch in catchers. Eijun is thrilled to see Chris step onto the field. The rest of the team is surprised. After all, Chris hasn’t played in a year. But Chris has a plan and holds a quick team meeting out on the field.

Chris promises to catch Eijun’s pitches, but he misses the first one. However, his plan seems to be working just fine. LOL Word quickly spreads around Seido that Chris is in the game and the others come to watch. This is going to be good!



Episode 12 –


Seido is up to bat while Chris has Eijun and Miyuki in the bullpen. Chris gives Eijun some direction and they put it into practice. Chris tells Miyuki to watch carefully and he’s stunned!

Animal arrives at the game per his son’s request, but is upset to see Chris actually in the game. But even if he hadn’t gotten to play, Chris is glad his dad came, since it will be his last game.

Chris heads back to the bullpen with Eijun, but Animal stops them. Chris was expecting a reprimand, but Animal wishes his son luck instead. Chris reminds Animal too much of himself, so he really can’t blame his son for doing what he loves.

Seido had started to win this game, but some advice from Zaizen on the opposing team has Eijun messing up again. But Zaizen isn’t aiming for Eijun, he’s out for Chris! He knows that Chris’ shoulder isn’t fully healed and wants to take advantage of that. Chris is starting to lose it and Zaizen is next to bat. He plans to be the one to destroy his old rival. Eijun believes Chris’ failure is his fault and intends to do something about that!



Episode 13 –


When Zaizen steps up to the plate, he says something to Chris that finally makes Chris realize that he was the target all along. Chris feels really bad now, but Eijun says exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment. And it works! Chris redeems himself wonderfully. So much for smart aleck Zaizen! Ha!

Eijun keeps forgetting that there are only two open positions for the first string team. He keeps telling everyone that they will make the first string together. But I know Kataoka has a very tough decision to make for those open spots. Glad I’m not him! LOL

Eijun is making a fool of Zaizen, and Zaizen is determined not to let things end this way. Then again, Zaizen is also recovering from a knee injury and it looks like he’s at his limit. He hits another foul. This is Eijun’s last inning and he intends to go out in a blaze of glory. But he returns to his old form. Oh no! Actually, he combines the old and new forms to create his own style and it works. Chris caught his pitch and even compliments him on it. That makes Eijun ecstatically happy! But he can’t stop screaming his joy. LOL

Eijun’s classmates are impressed and they would all like to try their hand at hitting one of Eijun’s crazy throws. Furuya wants to up his training regimen and add running to it. He never once thought he was better than Eijun, which was a nice thought. Zaizen is finished, but tells his team that the game isn’t over yet. Eijun is still crying with happiness and has to be carried off the mound. I think poor Chris is just embarrassed.

Kataoka takes both Eijun and Chris out of the game, but Eijun protests. Chris just smiles and bows to his coach, thanking him. The game continues without them. Later, it looks like Seido won too. And Kataoka has made his choices! But who? Everyone is called together and Kataoka announces the players moving to the first string team. It finally hits Eijun that there are only two spots. Well, he knew, but he did forget. LOL

The coach names first-year Haruichi and……… first-year Eijun! Yay! He did it! But Eijun wanted Chris to be chosen as well. He’s just devastated now. The coach talks to the remaining third-years that did not get chosen for a team. Kataoka praises them for their hard work and the fact that they didn’t quit. He bows to them and tells them to continue making him proud. They all end up in tears. These players are finished.

Chris is the only one still standing, dry-eyed and proud. Kataoka tells him to finish healing his shoulder and follow the path that is out there for him. But for now, he wants Chris to support the other catchers, and watch over the pitchers. Chris accepts. The others are told to support the first string players. Eijun was outside, listening. He’s still upset over the fact he was chosen and Chris wasn’t. It seems that he wants to do something about it too, but is stopped by some of the first string players. Eijun is told that all they can do now is get stronger for the teammates that got left behind. Miyuki puts in his two cents as well, telling Eijun not to look back. Eijun is left in tears. What will he do?



Episode 14 –


Other team members don’t think Eijun should have been chosen for the first string since they believe that there are more talented players that were passed over. It also fires up some others to do better and perhaps have a shot at being chosen the next time. But Eijun himself is still a mess and now there is a concern that it will affect how he plays. And he certainly isn’t behaving as he usually does in class either.

Thinking of what the others told him, Eijun is determined to become stronger, but perhaps he’s pushing himself a bit too much. Chris sees that right away and warns Miyuki and Kuramochi. Just before the training camp begins, Chris gives both Eijun and Furuya some important advice. Of course Eijun breaks into tears again. LOL But Eijun is better now and no longer feels as guilty at being chosen.

Training camp starts and it’s pretty intense. Eijun and Furuya aren’t doing so well either. LOL Eijun still has a lot to learn about the game. But he throws his heart into everything he does, including eating. The training becomes brutal as it goes well into the night. And it still isn’t over even when the coach calls an end to the first day. Everyone is expected to run twenty laps around the field!



Episode 15 –


Eijun is pretty hopeless at the training camp. His only talent seems to be pitching, and even that needs work. I’m glad Chris is still around to help him. But it looks like all of the newbies are having problems in this training camp from hell. Even the veterans are feeling tired. And it’s all on purpose. The coach has arranged games as well, just to see how everyone performs at the peak of fatigue.

It was amazing when the coach stepped in to bat. He kept the team going well into the night. Tired himself, the coach ran the team ragged. But the guys kept standing up for more. And that is what Kataoka wanted to see. Now all that remains are the actual games, and Eijun and Furuya will be pitching! I can’t wait to see how they will perform!



Episode 16 –


The first game begins against Kiryu and Furuya is pitching. The coach has already told him that he won’t do well because of fatigue, but Furuya intends to prove him wrong. It doesn’t quite work and I can see how the fatigue is affecting Furuya. There’s a huge difference between the veterans and the first years too. The fatigue doesn’t seem to be as bad with the older players. Furuya intends to do better but his frustration only makes his throws worse.

Eijun is also frustrated and wants to switch out with Furuya. But Kataoka won’t let him until the sixth inning. This only makes Eijun more frustrated and angry. Furuya calls for a time out and asks Miyuki for advice. Miyuki had thought that Furuya was at his limit, but now laughs to think that Furuya may be an ace after all. Furuya gets annoyed, but Miyuki finally calms down and gives him the advice he needs. It’s up to Furuya to take it from there. Furuya stops playing for himself and puts his trust in his teammates. Things get better! But I still want to see how Eijun does.



Episode 17 –


Furuya is still on the mound and with Miyuki’s advice, tries a new pitch. However, Furuya never practiced it and it’s the first time Miyuki misses a catch. They still manage to damage the opposing team’s morale though, which was what they wanted to do.

Eijun is up next and he’s suddenly nervous, although he tries to deny it. Furuya’s home run doesn’t help any either. After a few practice throws, Eijun is up, but he’s still tense. However, he still manages a strike on his first pitch. But Eijun still lacks control and things don’t go too well after that. However, a bad throw and a lucky catch is a boost to Eijun’s ego. Eijun is learning, slowly but surely. But there’s still a lot of game left.



Episode 18 –


A talk with Miyuki frustrates Eijun, but he gets the point. When he sees how awesome Miyuki is, Eijun is determined to try his best. But he strikes out and Miyuki warns him to get over it before he takes the mound again. Eijun’s next time at pitching isn’t much better and the fielders keep having to save his butt. A quick conference with Miyuki riles Eijun up and it seems to do the trick. Much improved!

After the game, Kataoka receives compliments on his new pitchers from the Kiryu coach. Seido may have lost the game, but the boys have potential. Eijun goes over all his mistakes and believes himself to be a burden to the team. He does need a lot of improvement. Furuya is thinking of the same things about himself. Both boys are too tired to sleep and end up on the field, only to argue over a tire. LOL And that Miyuki is really sadistic at times. He always manages to strike a nerve!



Episode 19 –


It’s the last day of the training camp and time for more games. But the exhausted team is playing against their biggest rival – Inashiro. And Eijun doesn’t get to play! Once again, things have to be explained to Eijun. LOL He’s always so full of enthusiasm to play, that he gets a little dense at times.

The way Miyauchi gave Kawakami encouragement was hysterical. I can’t stop laughing! And it did the trick too! Now, if only Eijun would stop giving away team secrets. I would have kicked him too! Seido gets to watch the next game between Inashiro and Shukoku, and Eijun is told to observe Inashiro’s ace, Narumiya. Wow! If Eijun was anything like this guy, he’d really be in Seido’s ace spot. But Narumiya is very much like Eijun. He also gets a bit too enthusiastic – and he wants to show off for the watching Seido team.

Instead of scaring them, Narumiya only gets the Seido team fired up with excitement. They face Shukoku next and Inashiro gets to watch. Tanba is pitching and Miyuki can see how much he’s improved. Well, sure – he wasn’t going to lose out to those first years! Go Tanba!