Princess Tutu


I’d not worry to much about it if your not in a rush to get it and just order from Rightstuf. You can always call their 800 number and ask if they have a restock date. They usually can at least give you a estimated time of Arrival.

Off topic: I think the issue with Real Adventures of Johnny Quest part 2 is it’s one of Warners MOD DVD-r disc. There always seems to be one or two bad batches , then someone complains to Amazon and they get pulled for a little while or Warner waiting for enough orders to make a new batch leaving Amazon to relist with a new date. I honestly find Warners pricing on these to be more absurd then Japanese Anime pricing. I could see if the disc were standard disc but they are DVD-r type media. A more professional version of them mind you but still a DVD-r. I’m concerned with life of the media. If they were the more expensive kind they coat in similar to the stuff they use on Blu-ray I’d probably not be as concerned.


I’ve emailed rightStuf with questions about products before and gotten some utterly ridiculous answers. I don’t think I’m cut out to call them. Besides, in the 21st century we can buy things with our phones but it doesn’t involve placing a call :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this pending RAJQ release won’t have quality issues as I have now preordered it. The “we’ll burn a DVD-R on demand for you” approach just seems cheap, but then we know that none of the companies involved with the show cared about it or the fans, which got it canceled and then withheld from DVD for over 15 years. But this was childhood, so I owe it to myself to get this, and the video quality will be a lot better than my old VHS recordings and the rips that people have amassed from their old VHS tapes and posted online.

I’m hoping for some more extras this time. Last time, they had an interview with some of the production staff, which was interesting IMO, but they showed some production art in the video. Production art should be in physical booklets inside of the case as it looks like crap at DVD resolution. Physical extras need love too, and those tabs inside the DVD case need something to do :wink:

On a related note, I wish some more cons would pick up the vocal cast to this series. A few cons (never near me) have Quinton Flynn on occasion, but that’s about it.


if there is anyone who is in love with princess tutu, plz comment.


ANNCast: Tutu Time

by Zac Bertschy and Hope Chapman, Dec 18th 2015


Re-Release Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art



now if it only came with a rubber duckie of Duck.


TV Anime “Princess Tutu” Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary with Orchestra Concert in April

February 16, 2018 3:45am CST
Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon, Hugtto! PreCure)'s ballet-themed fantasy anime aired in 2002-2003


Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art