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Project Blue Earth SOS / ProjectBLUE Chikyū SOS

[size=16]Project Blue Earth SOS / ProjectBLUE Chikyū SOS[/size]

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[quote]Genres: action, adventure, science fiction
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 2006-07-02 to 2006-12-03

Plot Summary: On January 1, 1995, a G-Reactive fighter plane was being tested, while it was hit by a mysterious rainbow light and disappeared. 5 years later, two boys, Billy Kimura and Penny Carter, meet at a train station where a new bullet train utilizing G-Reactive was being launched. However, to their shock, the train was hit by a rainbow beam of light, and disappeared. After a series of events and acquaintances, the two boys discover that aliens were beginning to invade Earth. Fortunately, scientists developed the Sky Knight, a fighter plane capable of defending the world. As the extraterrestrials begin to invade, Billy, Penny, and their comrades begin their attempt to save the human race from the alien menace.[/quote]

Started re-watching this series earlier.

I kind of enjoyed this one actually.
It’s basically like an animated version of the Sci-fi / UFO flicks they use to crank out in the 50’s and 60’s.
I really love the ED song as well, kinda wish I could find it on YT though.

Liked what I saw on TAN and plan to eventually buy this.

It was definitely a unique show. I have all the discs that ADV put out, but never got around to finishing them. I think I’ve just watched the first two episodes.

This was probably one of my favorite Sojitz titles. ADV went pretty all out with their release artbox and white cases. Artbox design is amazing. It reminded me of Johnny Quest with some good old 50’s/60’s space invader action.

Yeah, the artwork for the singles covers and artbox is rather nice indeed, and goes extremely well with the white cases.

Yeah, the artwork for the singles covers and artbox is rather nice indeed, and goes extremely well with the white cases.[/quote]

Like Kino’s Journey. Those were pretty nice singles too. I especially like vol. 4 with it monochromatic cover.

Bargain Bundle is now $14.99
all 3 ADV singles plus Artbox

I may use it for free shipping at some point in time. As I’d not mind having another set for some reason.

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September 05, 2017 6:14pm CDT
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