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Are you guys going to come out with a Blackberry App for this? It would be really great. I have a BlackBerry and I’m a BIG anime fan xD. I could use the iPhone verson but that wouldn’t be good cuz it wouldn’t work right. Thanks!


kristy_himura wrote:

In short, yes. We are currently working on a new smart phone app that will take the major functions and features of the website and put them into a free-standing mobile application. This means that guests, registered users & premium subscribers will be able to access the Online Player, community and forums.

How much content will be available? Which forum and community features can be accessed?
Since we are still in the early development stages, I cannot give you any specific details. The first release application is going to cover the major user tasks.

When will the app be ready for my platform?
We don’t have any release dates set at present. The first platform the app will be released on will be the iPhone (due to development logistical reasons). Following the iPhone will be versions for the Blackberry, iPad and Android platforms. More platforms may be added to the list later, so stay tuned.

As we get further along into production, we will be able to release more details.


Okay, thanks i just wanted to know if you guys thought of making one.