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Hope this is ok since Radcon is not a pure anime convention. Its a general convention with a bit of everything (gaming, fantasy, Sci-Fi, all sorts of panels). They always have an anime viewing room. Also will be showing AMV and have a panel on making AMV this year.

Sorry for posting the info so late. I just thought of doing it tonight.


A con is a con…

[size=4]RadCon 5B[/size]

February 12-14, 2010

Red Lion Inn
Pasco, WA

Guests include:
Alexander James Adams (Musician)
Alma Alexander (Author)
Andrea Allen (Cosplayer)
Maggie Bonham (Author)
Patricia Briggs (Author)
Jennifer Brozek (Author)
Chris Bruscas (Gamer/Voice Actor)
C.S. Cole (Author)
Brenda Cooper (Author)
CthulhuBob Lovely (Gamer)
John Dalmas (Author)
Ellen Datlow (Co-Editor/Author)
Dragon Dronet (Illustrator/Costumer/Stuntman)
Dan Dubrick (Editor)
Michaela Eaves (Artist/Illustrator)
Deby Fredericks (Author)
Ruth Frey (Founders, Realms of Avalon, Inc)
Gordon Gross (Authors)
Gay Haldeman (Manager)
Joe Haldeman (Author)
Stacey Janssen (Managing Editor)
Tim Kirk (Artist/Illustrator)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Author)
Dean Wesley Smith (Author)


Almost forgot to post this.

Radcon 5C will be next weekend at the Red Lion in Pasco, WA. Its a Sci-Fi Fantasy convention but they will be showing anime an AMV. Will also be a panel on making AMV again this year.

Will be there all weekend.


Have you been to this con before?


A lot of times and always have fun.


What I did at Radcon 5C
February, 18-20, 2011


Arrived around 1:00pm and checked into the hotel but did not have time to go to room before first panel.

Future of Education (2:00-3:00PM): A rather interesting panel on the state of education and what can be done to fix it.

Great '80s and '90s Anime (3:00-4:00PM): Had a fun time talking about anime.

Finally got to my room and dropped off bags.

Geopolitical Trends (5:00-6:00PM): A lively debate on where the next world crisis will be and other upcoming threats.

Had dinner at Seasons a nice plate of spaghetti.

Opening Ceremonies (7:00-9:00PM): They did a real nice job this year. Had belly dancers, comedy bits and music.

Mapmaking and Worldbuilding (9:00-10:00PM): Great program on using software to make maps.

Relaxed in room for the rest of the night.


Got up at 9:00AM, took shower and had breakfast.

Man vs Movie (10:00-11:00AM): A panel on how to survive disasters as shown in movies.

Viking Exploration (11:00-12:00PM): A panel on the Kensington runestone.

Went back to room for lunch. Also went to dealers room and bought two Pirate game packs.

Monster Hunting (1:00-2:00PM): How to hunt monsters in modern times.

Cooperative Roleplay (2:00-3:00PM): How to keep a long term RPG group.

Magic in the Real World (3:00-4:00PM): How would magic work in the real world.

AMV Making Clinic (4:00-5:00PM): Fun panel and saw the software required in use.

Real-life Zombies (5:00-6:00PM): Great panel on how Zombies could be real.

Spent a few minutes talking to a panel member about a game idea and then went to dinner.

Miniature Gaming in the Steampunk Era (7:00-8:00PM): Lot of cool idea on Steampunk gaming.

Spent some dead time in the room.

AMV Marathon (9:30-6:00AM): Spent the night watching AMV (sleep is overrated), it went long lasting till a little after 7.


Relaxed in room, took shower and went to breakfast buffet.

Religions without an Anthropomorphic God (or Gods) (10:00-11:00AM): Creating religion for fictional settings. Should have slept a little kept seeing double.

The Butler Didn’t Do it; the Goblin Did (11:00-12:00PM): Adding mystery to RPG games and fiction.

Nothing of interest left, so called taxi and went home.

Had a great time this year and got to say hi to several people I only see at Radcon.


RadCon is not a dedicated anime convention but will be having some anime related events.

AMV Clinic - Get under the hood of some basic video editing tools as we illustrate and create a few special effects, and also discuss use of music and sound effects.

Cosplay…again?! - Cosplay panel 2.0 : Learn tips on how to make your favorite anime cosplay, or tips on what not to do. From working with fabrics, patterns, and other materials, we’ll discuss how to make those uniquely shaped anime outfits. Did you try something that you didn’t think would work and it did… then come share your experiences with others, even if it didn’t work. Bring your questions and we’ll do our best to get you answers.

What’s New in Anime 2011 -2012 - Talk about recent shows of the 2011 year and the 2012 first season.

There will also be a viewing room showing anime and a AMV marathon Saturday night lasting till Sunday morning.

This will be the 24 year* and have a lot of fun every year I go.

*Started on a leap year so only go up a whole number every 4 years(1, 1b, 1c, 2).


Not a pure anime convention but there will be anime content again this year. Its a fun convention and always worth going to.

There will be an anime viewing room. [schedule not posted yet.]

Also a couple anime related panels.

Don’t know if there will be an all night AMV viewing like in the past as its not on the schedule.

Any members of TAN planning to come let me know so we can meet.