Register for shows or for previews?

I’m all for subscribing to get a ton of shows and newer content. Nothing against it, and may just do it if I find a lot of stuff I want to watch.

In the meantime, how is the “guest vs registered vs premium” system intended to work. Will older shows be available to registered users in their entirety? Will premium shows at some point trickle down into the “registered” tier? What is the intention of the guest tier? Will guest users get content with ads?

Thanks much,

Newer shows or newly acquired content is exclusive to Subscription members, as well as exclusive content, HD content and no ads.

Registered tier is a way for users to subscribe and get more of a feel of the content options. There’s a bunch of series completely available in total for free Registered members: Angelic Layer, Area88, Best Student Council, Chance Pop Sessions, Nurse Witch, Saiyuki, etc.

Guest is a way for someone to try out the service quickly as a taste test an episode before signing up for either a free account or a subscription account.

As for your other questions, that is something that will probably be determined as things evolve.