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I have subscriptions to Funimation, Netflix, Hulu, and Cruncyroll all on Roku. This would be a great addition, and id subscribe in a heartbeat! I dont have a Playstation or Xbox so watching through Roku is the only way I can watch these channels on my TV. Please Please Please create a channel on Roku (:

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I also have subscriptions to Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu. I watch a lot of anime on Funimation and lessor amounts of Netflix (limited content), and Hulu (commercial, mostly subs). I will subscribe to TAN when they have a Roku app (assuming dubs available and no commercials). Hope they get there soon. In the meantime, considering adding Crunchyroll to help satisfy my anime fix.

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With this thread now being three years old with no response form TAN on it, I’d say at this point it’s highly unlikely that we will get one or a Roku channel. While TAN does offer some great content I have found over the years they are very slow to adopt to anything new and/or have little interest in expanding their market share to include anything remotely associated with Android.

Sad really as it could prove to be a huge revenue builder for them.

Dear fans,

If you’re one of the lucky customers who received a pre-ordered DVD or BluRay from Right Stuf, you’ve probably seen the commercial for our new Roku channel!

However, since you received your discs a few weeks before the street date, you are seeing the commercial early and our Roku channel hasn’t launched yet. Stay tuned for our official launch announcement.

We greatly appreciate your patience on this – the wait is almost over!

The Anime Network Team

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OMG! This just made my day! :sunny:

WE DID IT GUYS! WE DID IT!! :smiley:

As soon as I get it installed on my roku, I’ll be subscribing.

Still nothing been almost a month now


Stay tuned for our official announcement.


god i would subscribe also if they had the roku channel well i have funimation , crunchyroll and for get hulu is is not worth my time and if i wonted to see ads i would just watch normal tv so tan get on the ball and get the channel out

Indeed. I hope they did not jump the gun on the announcement, making you think the channel is about to be released, when in reality they have only begun production on it. I know that there is the process of quality control that Roku requires before allowing channels to be listed in their store. So, hopefully someone out there is, at least, beta testing it as a private channel right now. We’ve waited how many years for this? A few more months won’t kill us. (Pay attention TAN, I am defending you for once. Prove me right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


That’s right everybody! Anime Network has been hard at work creating a Roku channel for all your anime watching needs, and in order for this channel to be the best it can be, we will need some beta testers to find and report any wokiness that may exist.

So, who are we looking for you may be wondering?

We need people who:
-Have a great eye for detail.
-Have a Roku of course!

We need to know the following:
-What type of Roku do you have.
-Who your current Internet Service Provider is.
-What your average internet bandwidth speed is.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester then please send the above information to
We will review the information you sent in and we will send you an email notifying you that you have been picked to become a Beta Tester along with the details that this opportunity will entail!

Thank you,

Anime Network

is there any ETA yet?

Haven’t heard anything.
If you have not tried to get into the BETA test, give it a try.
I haven’t had any problems yet and I’ve tried to make it act up,

Hmmmm… now what do we have here?

Full announcement happens on Monday, but I wanted to give you guys a head start as a reward for your support and patience.

Have a great weekend!


You can add the channel directly at

[size=16]Press Release for the Roku Channel[/size]

Job well done guys, I first submitted a request in this forum about Roku back in Aug 2011. I’m glad you got on board with it & the results are terrific. Kudos!


All questions or comments about Roku now need to be posted here:

Anime Network on Roku: Support Thread