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More Dubs in the Roku Channel


I was excited when I saw that you guy are now on Roku. My cable provider does not carry AN. The biggest problem I am having on the Roku channel is the majority of the anime that interested me are subtitled only. I realize that the licenses are cheaper for subtitled anime, but you also have people like me that have disabilities that makes it very hard to follow subtitles. Imagine have to wind back every few seconds to reread or having to pause to read what is being said. It get old. What also gets me is some of these titles has subs do have dubs on the channel but they are in Spanish and Portuguese but not English. Which tells me the dub is out there. I can understand if the anime is less than two years old. It takes time for the production companies to dub an anime. The other one that gets me is have more than one season of an anime like “Familiar of Zero” where the first season you have the dubbed version but the other three seasons nope just subbed.


Hi @revcoyote,

Thank you for your feedback. In the grand scheme of “to dub, or not to dub,” the decision depends on demand, licensing agreements, and the will of the powers-that-be. Mostly, it boils down to whether there is demand sufficient enough to warrant the huge expense associated with dubbing. As a business, our goal is to provide a good/service and turn a profit. If we spend all of our resources on items that don’t provide us with a return on investment, then we won’t be in business for long. Behind closed doors, we continue to work on dubbing new content. Unfortunately, until information is press released, we are under lock and key on giving insight to which titles are currently being dubbed. You as a consumer can increase the odds of your favorite titles being considered for dub by providing us with a list of specific titles at I can assure you that if you take the time to make the request, the decision makers at the highest levels will receive your request and take it into consideration.


I guess my real complaint is that most of the titles I want to see are already dubbed, they are just not available on the Roku channel. So it not the cost of dubbing. That money is already spent. It’s in reality not wanting to spend the money on the more expensive license on dubbed anime to put on your Roku Channel which I am sure is a minority of your viewership. So I am stuck being a minority or a minority.