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Anime Network on Roku - Support Thread


In case you haven’t heard, Anime Network now has a streaming channel on Roku.
Got questions or need some help? We’ve got you covered!

You can either post right here or send an email to

Before you post, please check out our Roku FAQ page to see if it’s already been answered.

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Anime Network Launches Channel on Roku
Trying to pay dont work on this site
Roku log in fails, can anyone help
I payed on the site for the 1month thing and still have not received it yet
Roku Queue has another issue
Roku Channel
Roku app queue
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Not all series (e.g., You’re Under Arrest, seasons 1 & 2) are currently available on Roku, will they be added soon?
I’m also experiencing the Queue issue, reported in another (now locked) thread, where removing a series doesn’t really remove it.


Thanks for noting the queueing issue. We’ve already added it to the list for the next update.

Some series on the website are not available on Roku due to the video specs required. It is mostly older series that do not have a HQ/HD option that are website-only.


I have a 3 month account, paid until August. When I try to log into the Anime Network Roku channel, I keep getting an authentication failed message. I can’t even watch if I try and browse anonymously. Crunchyroll and Funimation are currently working just fine on the same roku. Any suggestions?


According to the FAQ, it seems like only monthly subscriptions will work for the Roku app at this time.

Can I buy a quarterly or annual subscription?
No. Monthly subscriptions are the only option at this time.


Thank you for reporting your issue. If your account has an active subscription , it should work on the Roku channel. Can you confirm if your account has premium access via the website?

If you continue to have a problem signing in to your account on the Roku channel, please contact our customer service team at for further assistance.


Only monthly subscriptions can be purchased through the Roku channel.
Quarterly, annual & monthly subscriptions can be purchased or given as a gift through our website.
You can sign into the Roku channel with any Anime Network Online account that has an active subscription.


It shows premium and active under my account on the web page. I also emailed support but have not heard back.


Continuing the discussion from Roku app queue:

The “Queue” on the Roku App has another problem … when a show is put on the ‘queue’, it listes every episode from the show. This means that, if the show you are watching is in the middle of the queue, you have to go through every episode of every show in your queue, one episode at a time, until you reach the episode of the title you are watching.

In other words, if you have 20 titles (24-26 episodes per title (for example) in your queue, and the
title you are watching is the 10th title in the queue, you have to go through 240 to 260 episodes, one at a time, just to reach your desired title. then you still have to scroll through every episode you’ve seen until you reach the next episode. An Incredible waste of time that could be spent actually watching your show.

Surely an update that would put the titles only in the queue, then allow you to drill down to the episode of that title that you are looking for, would be prudent?

Finally, a ‘recently watched’ section of your queue would be more convenient than you might believe.


[quote=“DeMann, post:10, topic:8296”]
DeMann4dContinuing the discussion from Roku app queue:[/quote]
I’ll forward this to them right away Monday morning.



Thanks! We are already aware of the Queue issue and it will be addressed in the next update.

Thanks for your feedback on the “Recently Watched” section.

  1. I think a-z should be moved up the list.

  2. You say older shows arent on the roku app because of specs? All the missing shows are on either hulu or amazon for roku. Dont they use the same specs?

  3. Please add your newest additions to the roku app at the same time as the website ( guardian ninja mamosu, windy tales, Atelier Escha & Logy).


No, ANO website, Roku, Hulu and Amazon are not the same spec/technical requirements.

New episodes/series are available on Roku at the same time as the website.


Im currently on the app and those three shows arent on here. Im also on the website and there they are.


Windy Tales is still “Coming Soon”, episodes become available this Friday.

We’re checking why the other two are not listing on the Roku for you. They are available. --Stand By–


Ok, there is no choice for the Roku Channel on the pull down so I have to place here.

One o the problems I am having on the Roku channel is that the it automatically goes to the next episode. If you could set up a check box to turn this feature on and off it would be great. The other problem I am having is that if I pause the episode so that I can catch it later. When I do go back to it and hit play it will not load and only way to fix it is to back out of the channel and go back in and hunt for what I was watching and hit play. You already know the problems with My Queue. It would also be nice to be able to make changes in the queue from the website as well. Other than that I have been pleased that you add the channel. Since my cable provider will not add the channel.


@revcoyote - You can turn off the Autoplay setting in the Roku channel.
Go to Account & Settings > Settings > Autoplay - select Turn autoplay OFF


I’ve been watching TAN on Roku for a few months now, and everything’s worked fine… until now. For some reason I now get a login request when I try to watch a premium episode. When I enter my info I always get “Authentication Failure”. It’s not caps lock or anything silly like that, I’ve tried several times.

I purchased a full subscription through Roku, which is auto billed to my PayPal account (the latest charge was on 9/11 so there’s no problem there).

Taking everything from scratch, I go my Account Settings and log out. Then I do a Roku system reset. When I go to the Anime Network channel, it asks me to log in, which works (and proves there’s no problem with entering the account info). If I now go to Account Settings it shows my account name as expected.

I can now watch non-premium episodes OK, but if I try to play a premium episode I watched just a few days ago (e.g. Food Wars), it asks me to log in. No matter how carefully I enter the info I get “Authentication Failure” and can’t watch the episode.

What could be going on? Is this something on the Roku side, or TAN? I don’t have a premium online account for this website but bought Roku access. Don’t I use the same account login for Roku?

I’d appreciate it if you could explain the next steps for troubleshooting this problem.


I’ll shoot this over to Admin first thing in the morning.