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Actually Prede, I think I disagree with you on that. It isn’t just adults.


These kids are dealing with changing bodies and hormones. Of course they are going to experiment with sex. And because kids at that age think they know everything, most of them wouldn’t listen to good advice even if it were given to them. In that case there is always consequences.

This combined with the fact that kids that age can be cruel and petty, always wanting what someone else has, leads to even more problems. Many kids aren’t even sure how to deal with the adult feelings they are experiencing.

This anime really reminded me of situations in my own high school. Peer pressure can be a horrible thing. I had a few pregnant girls in my class, as well as suicides and crimes of passion. This is why I felt sympathy for the characters. Even Makoto admits that he didn’t know what he was doing at one point.

Plus the fact that most of the characters lived alone. Where were all the adults in this show? And was Sekai really pregnant? Or had she gone off the deep end too and was just trying to hold on to Makoto?

This show was very true to life, unfortunately. But that is what made it so damn good.

Also, Prede, did you know -


there are more episodes? I did a little research and found out that there is an episode called “Valentine Days” and also what they termed an April Fool’s project called “Magical Heart Kokoro-chan”. I found a trailer -

Well I think you’re right on the money there.


But I was referring to was the murder, because of cheating. That’s far to common among adults, who have twice as much experiences as these teenagers. I’m not sure that happens very often to teenagers. I haven’t heard many stories where someone is killed because they are cheating on someone else. But if this happens so much among adults, it’s no wonder why teenagers ended up in a situation like this.

But your right, all of the events are kind of there because they are teenagers. I agree with you there. The show is age specific in regards to almost everything. It’s incredibly realistic. All these things happen in every day life, far to often. But I agree, that is indeed why it was so good. Realistic to the T. They hold nothing back, and were not afraid to show the realistic consequences of the actions of these characters.

I think it was important that there were no adults in the show. The only adult I even remember SEEING was their teacher, who both Makoto and Sekai disrespect, and do not listen to. I think that was intentional. Interesting eh? What are they trying to say with that. Kids don’t listen to adults, even when it comes to small matters. Why would they listen on the big stuff? Hehe. The creative team behind this are smarter then you’d think :wink: . They don’t spell everything out for you either.

"This combined with the fact that kids that age can be cruel and petty, always wanting what someone else has, leads to even more problems. "

Ah yes that is a theme I’m really interested in. Children and teenagers can be quite cruel and uncaring at times. Mohiro Kitoh deals with these same themes, and also about “power in the hands of children” and "is their truly innocence in children or is this a manufactured belief. This however didn’t touch much on those. Still these themes are very pressing, and I’m attracted to them, like people watch train wrecks. They all go together very well. This dealt with teenager sexuality, peer pressure, and the relationships heavily. Something Kitoh only touches on. But they all go together very well.

Anyway twisted, demented, and disturbing stuff. But great.

Was Sekai really pregnant? Ah-ha! That’s a great question. I love how it leaves the answer up to us. On one hand she might have been going off the deep end. On the other hand she was sick, and I’m not sure lied. I love how there’s no answer to that.

One more thing I noted. The cuter the character, the more it seemed I disliked them. LOL I wonder if that’s just me noticing these things, or did someone mean for that. It’s like an odd thing that I can’t help thinking about.

Setsuna = cutest, but I hate her the most
Sekai = 2nd cutest, and I really hate her
Kotonoha = least cutest, one I have the most sympathy for, despite going nuts

Yeah there were 2 OVA’s. I haven’t seen either of them, but I hear bad things about them. Still I’d like to check them out if the stream them legally or something.

Anyway this is a show I MUST buy. I really hope someone licenses it.

All good points, Prede. :slight_smile:

and -

Too bad it is out of stock at the moment though.

Is that the R2s or R3s or something? I was really ganna look into buying the R2s if this never comes out here. It’s such an amazing show, I need to own it.

Removed the link as I’m pretty sure that’s a bootlegging outfit. :wink:

R2 DVDs are like $50 for 2-4 episodes, and in most cases no english sub. I’m not aware of the specifics of this release though (there are an increasing amount of marquee titles that are starting to include english subs), but I believe a few amazon auctions sell the R2’s for $35-80 depending on the volume. So like $200 or more for a 12 ep series. Makes you appreciate R1 companies a lot more, doesn’t it? :wink: If only anime fans would. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know it costs a lot, but this serie very short. Plus I wouldn’t buy it all at once, and $35.00 a peice isn’t bad. If I could get it that cheap I’d do it. And I know they rarely have subs. I wouldn’t be buying it anytime soon anyway ;). I saw they have a few copies on Amazon. I’ll be waiting for a license though, to see if I can get it cheaper, and hopefully a dub. If I do buy this, it won’t be for some time, unless it pops up somewhere really cheap or something.

Thanks for the help dragoon.

Edit: I looked into it and there are 6 volumes. 2 episodes a disk.

Well the first 2 tend to be cheaper, I think vol 4 was like at $80. Gotta love Japan and their ground level prices. :stuck_out_tongue: 6? ouch… that’s gonna be ridiculously expensive.

Yeah I know the prices in Japan are utterly insane. I forget how much someone said they paid for all of Legend of the Galactic Heroes on R2 DVD, but it was like more money then I could comprehend lol. A series that long, you’d have to be rich to buy the R2’s. Not sure how people do it. The amount of money to buy a series that large, is totally and utterly unimaginable.

And if you were to buy School Days new, and pay the prices your saying, yes $200.00 for 12 episodes is quite a lot lol! Yes the prices here in R1 land are more sane. Yes I’m happy I don’t pay R2 prices on most stuff. But this is one series where paying a lot for it is worth it IMO, at least for me. Although not sure if it’s worth 200 bucks!

But 12 episodes isn’t bad. Just love to avoid spending 80 bucks on 2 episodes lol. $50 at a time isn’t that bad, but still that’s kinda rought for 12 episodes lol. If I can find the cheapest copies I might be able to deal with it. Like I said if this never gets licensed I’ll look into it. I might be able to find the spare cash for one 12 episode series. Plus I could own R2’s lol :stuck_out_tongue: .

I was looking into Bokurano for the hell of it as well. God there’s no way I could buy all of that one lol, since it’s 24 episodes! Yup out of my price range. I think that might get licensed though. This I’m very unsure of, sadly. But God prices over there are screwed.


Volume 3 - 51.00 used. The 81.00 one was brand new.

Well you never know, and yeah as I’m sure you know Bokurano has a lot of things going against it with sales issues. I have a good feeling Bokurano will eventually come out though, but perhaps more time may need to pass until the license or whenever they feel something that might not be a big seller as that one likely is, will get a fair licensing deal. Pure speculation on my part though. :stuck_out_tongue: I have not heard any chatter about it through industry press, bloggers and insiders.

I adore the Bokurano OP though, it’s gorgeous and the music is a Nico megahit.

Yeah I do have a feeling Bokurano will get licensed and come out here, one day. Maybe not for awhile though… For one thing, many people thought Funimation licensed it way back when they grabbed Romeo x Juliet and the others, because they sent out the C&D. Crunchyroll even lists it as licensed by Funimation lol, even though that’s clearly not true, at least not announced. But the main reason Gonzo would even do that is because they wanted to sell the license. Now if someone will buy it…well that’s hard to say. I’d like to think someone will get it, there’s a decent chance at least. And then you have the relationship between Gonzo and Funi. I’m thinking they may put that show out, probally could get/got it for nothing. I also bet on Funi grabbing **Rosario + Vampire **. I have a feeling they already have Rosario + Vampire, and will announce that this christmas. Not sure why I think that, I just do lol.

But yeah I’m really losing hope on School Days with every day. But I wouldn’t put it past Media Blasters picking it up or something. That’s why I’m waiting (also cuz I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to buy this right now, nor do i want to spend a lot of money lol!). They got Dokuro Chan last year, and that came out in 2005. So you really never know when something will get picked up. I thought Dokuro Chan would never see the light of day here.

But will Bokuranp sell. Uh…I don’t think it will do very well, sadly. it might be ok. I’ve been reading the manga that Viz put online, and it’s off to a great start. But I’d much rather watch the anime, even if they changed stuff. Then go back and read the manga. But the only way to enjoy the series so far (legally) is by reading the manga so that’s what I’m doing. And yes the opening is amazing! I listen to it way to much. I am dieing to see that show though.

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