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School Rumble

###School Rumble

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: bishoujo, love polygon, parody, school, school life
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Tsukamoto Tenma is an ordinary 2nd year high school student who has fallen in love with one of her classmates, Karasuma Ooji. However, currently she is unable to confess her feelings to him. To make things worse, she found out that Karasuma is transferring to another school in a year. On the other hand, Tenma’s other classmate, Harima Kenji (who is a delinquent) is also in love with Tenma. Not being able to confess his feelings, Harima gets depressed day by day.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2004-10-05 to 2005-03-29

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###School Rumble: 2nd Semester / School Rumble Nigakki

Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: love polygon, parodies, school, school life
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Continuing right where season 1 left off: Harima still likes Tenma but still runs into obstacles every time he tries to confess his love to her. To complicate the situation, Class 2-D challenges class 2-C once again and there’s a rumor floating around that Harima and Yakumo are dating as the school prepares for the cultural festival.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2006-04-02 to 2006-09-24

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School Rumble: Extra Class (OAV) Vintage: 2005-12-22
School Rumble: Third Term (OAV) Vintage: 2008-07-17 to 2008-09-17

Has anyone seen this series that can post an opinion on it?

I have 5 of the 6 singles for the first season now but haven’t looked at it, if it’s worth watching I’ll pick up the other one and check it out. I originally got Vol. 1 with the tin and V3-4 cheap from the Best Buy sale with an idea to putting them in my summer flea market resale stuff, actually. It looks like a fairly tame high school setting combining slice of life and romantic comedy.

Well looks can be deceiving, its basically off the wall comedy, set around high school kids. The first few episodes are different then the rest of the series since when it was being written it started off with Tenma as the real main focus, but people liked Harima so much more that he soon became the focus. The show is full of gags. I recommend watching it until the last 2 episodes. At that point well the author needs to be smacked around for what he does. The ending is one of the worst things ever. Until the final 2 chapters of the manga, and all but the last 2 episodes animated (called season 3 ep 25&26 but there are no episodes 1-24) it is very entertaining and rewatchable. The end however uhhh so bad, so so bad. Basically some of the romance plots hit a big mark at that point and then all of a sudden everything gets dropped and basically ends 2 chapters later in such a cop out horrible way its very stunning. Everything before that is good though, so the first 2 seasons and OAV are definately worth watching if you enjoy comedies with really off the wall gags, just dont ever expect a resolution, even if you read the manga wanting more like i did.

FUNi has a few episodes (ep. 1-8) up on their video page of the first season, though I haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet, so I’m not sure how it actually is.

I really like this show, and it’s the first show to really feature Aya Hirano, the greatest voice actor of all time.

I really like this show, and it’s the first show to really feature Aya Hirano, the greatest voice actor of all time.[/quote]

Infinitely awesome show, but watched it subbed.


I really like this show, and it’s the first show to really feature Aya Hirano, the greatest voice actor of all time.[/quote]

Infinitely awesome show, but watched it subbed.[/quote]


Also, yes do watch this. School Rumble is truly a modern classic. Hands down the funniest anime I’ve ever seen and always one that I recommend. One of very few anime that has had me quite literally laughing out loud. The character development is actually incredibly well done, one of the best aspects of this series. You really end up feeling for Harima.

Personally I’m a Harima x Eri fan. Fuck Tenma, she’s a dense idiot.

Forget Eri, she’s a pamper princess that gets everything she wants Harima X Yakamo is the correct choice.

I have seen the first season and the OVA, and I like it a lot, really, really funny.

Harima is one of the greatest anime characters ever.

Oh no you didn’t! D:<

Harima and Eri clearly have the best chemistry :3
Especially in S.2

I watched the first three episodes, and some of them are funnier than others, I don’t know if it’s hooked me yet exactly. I suppose I should go on and give it more of a chance, but just like with Desert Punk I need volume 2 yet to oontinue.

I’m up to volume 5 and I am laughing at it and enjoying it a lot. For the most part the episodes are self contained enough you can walk away and come back if you need to. I’d say anyone who watches this should watch at least the first 8 or 10 episodes before giving up on it.

I started watching Sukuran again (finished episode 2 of Second Semester earlier) and I’m falling in love all over again. There’s no other comedy/romance series like it.

Sorry, Eightdevil+, but I have to side with mitamaking with the Harima/Yakumo pairing. I liked both pairings equally until the exchange between Eri and Yakumo after the sports festival. Other pairings I like are Hanai/Mikoto, Imadori/Karen, Asou/Sarah and I guess Karasuma/Tenma.

A very good series…

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