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The Grisaia Complete Collection

There’s a reason that THE FRUIT OF GRISAIA’s Yuji Kazami adjusted so easily to living in a prison-like school with five very twisted girls: Mihama Academy wasn’t his first experience with an education in hell. In THE LABYRINTH OF GRISAIA, Yuji’s horrific past is revealed. From a dysfunctional family controlled by a domineering sister and an abusive father, his youth was a steady descent into hell that ultimately led to a school for assassins where the only way out was murder! So when Yuji’s past comes back to haunt him and he’s framed for a crime that he didn’t commit, there’s really only one group of bad girls he can trust to have his back… and the five girl commando squad of Yumiko Sakaki, Makina Irisu, Sachi Komine, Amane Suou, and Michiru Matsushima doesn’t let him down in THE EDEN OF GRISAIA!
Rating: TV-MA (D,S,V)


Sentai at Home 2 - Coming August 20, 2021

Join us for Sentai’s digital panel hosted by Natalie Rial! August 20, 2021 at 2pm CDT: Sentai at Home


She better host it in Momo’s voice…



Sentai at Home 2 - Coming August 20, 2021

Join us for Sentai’s digital panel hosted by Bryson Baugus! August 20, 2021 at 2pm CDT: Sentai at Home




Rahxephon Complete Collection (Steelbook)

For 15 years, the human race has fought an ongoing battle against the Mu, the alien invaders who have trapped the city of Tokyo inside an impenetrable dome where time flows in a different path and the mind-wiped citizens have no idea that their city has been conquered. But as Earth’s military begins to briefly breech the walls, one young man starts to realize that something is very wrong. That nothing is quite as it seems. And when he makes contact with a woman from outside, he learns that he, himself, is somehow at the center of the entire alien plan. A plan that will literally re-write reality itself. Prepare for an epic saga of love, war and time as the complete television series and feature film versions of the anime classic are unleashed in the ultimate steelbook collection of RAHXEPHON.
Rating: TV-14 (S,V)


Sentai Press Release for Sentai at Home 2021






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Chihayafuru Season 3 Complete Collection

Chihaya Ayase’s obsession with the card game Karuta has already begun to bear fruit, and the fledgling Mizusawa High School competitive team that she helped form has stunned the karuta playing community by winning the national high school team tournament. That’s just the beginning for Chihaya, however, and now the young card mistress has set her sights on an even more impossible task: taking on grand master Wakamiya Shinobu and wresting the title of Queen away for herself. As difficult as everything has been before, it will seem easy compared to the task now ahead of her, and her teammates look to be equally challenged, especially Taichi Mashima, who’s finally made it to Class A. Has he finally learned enough to challenge Arata Wataya? Only the cards know the future as Chihaya and Crew hit the decks in CHIHAYAFURU 3!
Rating: TV-14

MM! Complete Collection

Love can be painful, but Sado seems to like it that way. However, since he knows that’s odd for a high school student, Sado decides to join a certain club where he can beat out his masochistic tendencies. Unfortunately, that’s like putting out a fire with gasoline, as the club members all have “issues” of their own, and guess who’s about to become the new favorite whipping boy? Is even Sado ready for a nurse who forces other people into cosplay and a club president who believes herself to be a goddess? And if that’s not complicated enough, toss in man-shy Yuno, the same girl who introduced Sado to his love of negative reinforcement, and Hayama, Sado’s best friend and a compulsive cross-dresser who’s also the girl that Sado is (unknowingly) infatuated with! Love is about to get really, really weird in MM!
Rating: TV-MA (D)

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Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero Complete Collection

For 15 years, mankind has fought the dreaded Demon King, but when the heroic warrior known as Hero finally storms the King’s Castle, he’s shocked to learn that the Demon King is, in fact, a Demon Queen, and she’s been waiting for him with a most unusual proposal! As both humans and demons are only united by their common enemies, she points out, it’s almost inevitable that no matter which side wins the war, the various factions of the victors will turn on each other. However, if the adorable “King” had a collaborator on the human side, together they could end the war in a way that would ensure lasting prosperity for both sides! It’s an idea so crazy that it just might work as the most unlikely of partners join forces in MAOYU - ARCHENEMY & HERO!
Rating: TV-14 (D,V)

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I expect NOTHING from this panel/event.

Absolutely nothing.


Personally the only thing I want is the Princess Principal: Crown Handler dub announcement, and if they already have the license to the 2 biggest Sentai affiliated sequels coming out next year (DanMachi and Made in Abyss)


To Love Ru OVA’s…

That’s all I ask for…

Theres 16 of them…

And they can split it between the 6 from the original series, and the 10 from Darkness, to make two separate releases…

It would literally print them money…


The UK guys seem to have shows that have slipped through the cracks here, maybe Sentai could somehow form up with them? Then again, the UK anime guys don’t seem to like money all that much or something as they only do these limited print runs. However, maybe the Sentai guys could make 'em start to like money.

Would I buy, say, the Planetes bluray from Sentai? One of the best things Bandai had, and one that was conspicuously absent all those years ago when Sentai and Funi announced what Bandai titles they were preserving. I absolutely would, the only problem is that Sentai does not have it…yet :wink:

Sentai can’t get too much of the latest itself, and has become a publisher for the titles of others, so maybe roll those two together and put out some more retro releases? J

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But we have Discotek for that. Which are killing it. :+1:

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Discotek seems to be really retro. Which Sentai does dabble in a bit fwiw.

But there’s gold in them thar more recent retro times, and it sure looks like SonyAniFuniRoll has no interest in mining it, nor do any of the other small-timer outfits.

I happened to read that ANN blurb about licensing and how if a show would only license at the cost of a few hundred bucks an episode or so then the Japanese can’t really be bothered to deal with the paperwork. Maybe Sentai could just buy series like that outright :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Licensing these series for mega-millions is preposterous, particularly when it sure seems like animation quality has taken a hit in recent times. So I’d certainly only like Sentai to invest that kind of stupidly exorbitant fee into the absolutely guaranteed ROIs, and then maybe sit on the lesser shows and scoop them up down the line for peanuts (relatively speaking) if SonyAniFuniRoll hasn’t assimilated it into their collective?

Edit: To spitball a bit here, since Sentai just rolled out its Steelbook of RahXephon, there’s a show that was a spicier, but more succinct, retelling of the RahXephon story called Qualidea Code. Crunchy had it way back in 2016, but it didn’t exactly make waves (or get much promotion) and they pretty much punted on it. If Sentai could’ve picked that up for the corporate equivalent of loose change in the couch cushions and somehow had it ride the RahXephon re-release’s coattails a bit then maybe they could’ve shored up the catalog and made a quick buck?

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If I remeber correctly, that’s an A-1 Picture show. So if anyone was going to release that one, it be either Ani or Funi.

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Looks like they’ve punted on it, which is surprising as Funi seems like it releases just about everything it can. Maybe Sentai could return it for the TD?

With the massive cash & clout differences between Sentai and SonyAniFuniRoll/Netflix/Amazon, the only titles that Sentai is currently getting are the ones that the big money companies pass on. SonyAniFuniRoll just letting QC sit twiddling its thumbs on their island of misfit anime isn’t making anyone any money, is it? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In addition to QC, it sure seems like there’s a whole host of shows from the recent retro era that have gone unlicensed for home release in the US. Also, could it be time to follow Netflix’s example, who was in turn following Cartoon Network’s example, and commission their own anime series? It seems like being on the anime production committee has become a lot better now than it was in the ADV days.

They’d still probably want a yachtful of money for it, even if it was a dud. Because it’s A-1 Pictures, a ‘prestige’ production.

If they can’t seem to afford to license anime, where would they find the money to invest in any new anime endeavor?

Sounds like the sellers on eBay/Amazon who will price a product sky-high and refuse to lower their price over the literal years because “I know wut ah got!” Sometimes Japanese anime business practices make me :roll_eyes:

According to ANN, FWIW, we are at a weird place where the implication is that licensing anime costs megabux but paying a studio to make an anime series for you costs peanuts, explaining how Netflix can afford to churn out “Netflix Original” anime series…and making the quip in their trailer for their Househusband series about having “Netflix money” a tad ironic.

The article also mentions that top-tier shows license for upwards of a whopping $250k per episode, normal shows go for 70k to 150k per ep, and scuzz shows clock in at a bit under $10k per ep. Which pretty much means that even the most painfully meh-diocre modern light novel isekai adaptation would cost over $100,000.

While ANN’s bigwig disagrees, that sure sounds to me like we’re headed for another Sojitz with prices like that, and while I dunno if these sky-high prices (that make the infamous Kurau seem like a decent deal) are just a drop in the bucket for Sentai, it seems like there could be much better places to park that money than on whatever modern shows fall off of SonyAniFuniRoll’s table.

Such as retro gold:

But when it comes to older titles (say pre-2007) and for markets where the big guys aren’t active, it is possible to get older, non-exclusive licenses directly from Japan, and for relatively cheap with little or no MG required… if you’re a well-established company with a history of paying on time.

Or “rolling your own” nu show:

Keep in mind, many “Netflix Originals,” and similar titles on other platforms aren’t licensed at all; the US studio merely contracts an anime studio to produce the anime for them.

Y’know, if I recall correctly, Matt Greenfield mentioned way back something about a sort of sequel planned to Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. Time search the corporate couch cushions for change, throw up a crowdfunding, and make it happen? I’d back that, it would have to be better than Cannon Busters :laughing: