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:blink: Wait… The Master’s Ball… OH GOD! The mental image cannot be unseen! :pinch:


Anime: Naruto
Character: Sasuke Uchiha


Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Character: Shishio Makoto


Anime: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
Character: Nene Romanova


Anime: Patlabor: The Movie
Character: Hiromi Yamazaki, Noa Izumi


Anime: Eden of the East
Character: Akira Takizawa


Anime: One Piece
Character: Nami, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro


[quote=“ShawnMerrow” post=58739]Newshawk wrote:

Anime: K-On!
Back: Sawako Yamanaka, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Yui Hirasawa
Front: Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakano

Is that Asuka’s plugsuit Sawako is holding?

Sure looks like it.[/quote]

Did nobody notice or mention that Asuza is a Strike Witch? Francesca I think? If someone did mention it since this is so old, well I haven’t seen through all this thread yet… :blush: but i am enjoying seeing what i missed! :cheer:


Anime: Full Metal Panic!
Character: Sousuke Sagara


Anime: Hellsing Ultimate
Character: Seras Victoria
Quote: Schlock Mercenary - The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries


Anime: Dance in the Vampire Bund
Character: Mina Tepes (in back)


Anime: Kampfer
Character: Shizuku Sango


Anime: Penguindrum
Character: 1, 2


Hard to believe the next poster will be #1,000.


Anime: Canaan
Character: Canaan

Well that is #1,000, my does time fly. I like to thank everyone for all the kind words over the years. I had no idea it would go this long, guess time will tell how far it will go. B)


Congrats on #1000, hope there’s many 1000s more!


Great job Shawn! Here’s to the next 1,000! :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work!


A day without Shawn’s Poster is just not complete.

Thank you for all your good work.

Mark Gosdin


Anime: Maid Sama!
Character: Hyoudou Satsuki, Ryunosuke Kurosaki, Naoya Shirokawa, Ikuto Sarashina