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Shawn Merrow's Inspirational Posters


Anime: Noir
Character: Mireille Bouquet


Anime: Aria the Natural
Character: Akatsuki Izumo


Anime: Castle in the Sky
Character: Princess Sheeta


It’s always good to start the day off with a laugh! Thanks Shawn!


Anime: Project A-ko
Character: A-ko, C-ko


Anime: Vandread
Character: Barnette Orangello


[size=5]SHAWN, WHERE ARE YOU??[/size]


Wow, 6 days. Long time without any warning.


Anime: Boys Be…
Character: Mizuki Takano, Makoto Kurumizawa


It’s perfect Shawn! Definitely better than a Hallmark card! :slight_smile:


Welcome back!
Hope you’re feeling much better soon!


Just made my day.

Welcome home, Shawn.

Mark Gosdin


Forward that to your nurses.


Anime: Aria the Natural
Character: Akari Mizunashi


Anime: Girls und Panzer
Character: Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F. - Hippo Team


[quote=“ShawnMerrow” post=144905]

Anime: Girls und Panzer
Character: Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F. - Hippo Team[/quote]

there is only one thing to say in response to this… MORE DAKKA!


We miss you, Shawn! :frowning: I hope that everything is continuing to get better. We all look forward to your future work. Take it easy Shawn, and when you feel like it please grace us with your work again sometime. Always a pleasure… thanx again!


Thanks, still getting tired really easy, see the doctor again tomorrow.


Well then, you will still be in my prayers regardless, my friend. I wish you well, Shawn, and I hope that you get some better news tomorrow. I’m still having fun with getting things figured out with the doctors of my own as well. Ah… modern medicine.


Being refereed to a Neurologist and a MRI of my brain been ordered. I’m sure popular with the doctors lately. I have had 8 appointments in the last month.