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Found out the paperwork faxed to UW did not go through and it was resent last Wednesday. Wherever all the missing socks go to, most also have a giant mound of faxed paperwork about me. At least Thanksgiving went okay. :slight_smile:


Sorry about your paperwork. But I’m glad you had a good holiday. :slight_smile:


It is scary how incompetent our local medical industry can be. I lose count on how many times that I’ve had to rechange something with ‘them’ regarding records or even something as simple as an address. Not to mention that the doctors must simply love to screw up prescription orders. That’s a pain since I am on a mailing program where I don’t even get to see the written prescription. It really has become, even though it was always that way, even more obvious of a money making business.

I am sorry to hear about the paperwork headache. I hope that things get sorted out. It is annoying how simple things on their end get thrown back into our laps to sort out all the time… shaking my head.


Surgery went well and feeling better.


WHOO! :woohoo:


(Emphasis Mine)

Those are the words we’ve been waiting for. :cheer:

Mark Gosdin


This just made my day! That is wonderful, Shawn!


I am very glad that you have gotten that out of the way and you are feeling better. Keep fighting the good fight! Like I said earlier in another thread, we all look forward to your return! BTW… Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, Shawn!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. :slight_smile:


Wanted to stop by and say hi since I actually have good news for a change. I have a short story called Chaos Eve that is being published in by Palladium Books. The story is written for their Chaos Earth RPG setting. It starts with the protagonist a day before the apocalypse and continues a few days after. I’m very happy to have something in print again after a long break and this is my first short story (a little over 10K words).


Congrats, Shawn!

So good to hear from you! Hope you’re feeling better as well and look forward to seeing some posters as well in the near future!



Good things take time. :slight_smile:

Keep plugging away!

Mark Gosdin