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I don’t know if this should have gone here on in the anime network shows forum but I was just wondering what everyone thought about the lack of an announcement by TAN about any simulcast for this season? If I remember correctly I thought it said in an e-mail we got back sometime in December about how there was a lot more shows to come for the new year (11 eyes, Kampher, Koihime Muso, etc…) and also continuing to simulcast something but so far no such luck. I don’t really know how popular Samurai Girls was (I watched it at least…I thought it was pretty cool) but the simul for HoTD was obviously popular, I mean there were so many people trying to watch it when it began that it crashed the server that first episode and no one could on to see it if I remember correctly… just seeing what everyone else thought about it since I hadn’t seen it mentioned here in the forums.


When we have a new show to announce for simulcast, we’ll give it the whole fanfare and ticker-tape parade. At present, don’t have a new simulcast to announce. BUt keep your eyes and ears open… the year has just started!


For the Winter 2011 season, it looks like Crunchyroll made out like a bandit.,,,,,,,,

I’m expecting TAN to be simulcasting shows in the Spring 2011 and the Summer 2011 anime seasons.