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okay we are tripplets and nionna is not our sister we just act like she is and we don’t live togrther just yadira me and yanet

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My name is Slowhand and I’m a Moderator here at the Anime Network forum.

First of all, welcome to all of you newcomers.

Secondly, this is not a CHAT, this is an anime forum. Please do not make multiple posts in a row - this is against the Rules. YOU SHOULD HAVE ALL READ THE RULES BY NOW

If you want to chat amongst yourselves, please make a Personal Message and chat there.

Again, we want you to enjoy yourselves, but please do so by following the rules and be respectful of other members…

Thank you



sorry slowhand but i’m new so i don’t now the rules sorry but can you please tell me the rulse so i know thank u kanamekuran

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It’s at the very top of the right-hand column on the Main Page.

Here’s the link



thanks and sorry slowhand

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