Hi, Guys. I'm new here

Hey guys, I’m new here


Welcome, @TVFANGirl, to The Anime Network Forums!

Please feel free to look around the forums, jump into any conversations that interest you and if you have any questions, you can ask them here in this thread or you can see if they’re addressed in The Rules.

Which types of anime do you enjoy? Any specific titles are your favorites?


Welcome @TVFANGirl glad to see you can join us on your busy schedule of watching TV block segments of rotating fans , hours on end. jk
How’s everything going with you?
How do you like the forums so far?
And have you seen any threads on here that are of any interest to you?

Don’t mean to ask to many questions
@MaouSadao beat me to it and asked you what anime you like and I don’t want to ask the same question
But what are your interests outside of anime, if you have any.

So I hope to see you around and enjoy the forums

Good Vibes
All Day


A warm welcome to you @TVFANGirl

How do you like your tea and/or coffee?

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