Sonic the Hedgehog

A SEGA Character from Japan and USA he also for a Anime Character!

The Sonic games haven’t been too good lately but I do enjoy the anime/series. Sonic X preferably because of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Those games were amazing.

Well Nintendo is willing doing good then SEGA really so yeah you right Sonic X is just part of Sonic 06,Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. :pensive:

I think Sonic X predates Sonic 06.

Actually, I haven’t heard anything good about Sonic 06 at all.

I’ve never seen this show, is it good?

I don’t know… Mario Maker is a pretty good Sonic game.

I really enjoyed Colors and Generations for the good bit of both I played, but I doubt any Sonic game will top the amount of fun I had with Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic X was a funny show, but I don’t think I’ll finish my watching of it anytime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would not say good I kind of like Sonic Boom Better more than Sonic X because must of the episode of Sonic X is too series show than Sonic Boom and You maybe want watch Sonic Boom on Cartoon Networks.

Mario Maker is a good Nintendo Game they ever do of Mario 30TH Anniversary game,Also Sonic in this on Green Hill Marble AND Labyrinth

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So polite. If only everyone was less fierce and took an approach like Sega.

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Well there goes my tax money. Lol

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