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Genres: science fiction
Themes: astronaut, brothers, childhood dream, JAXA, mature, NASA, space, technology
Number of Episodes: 99
Vintage: 2012-04-01

Plot Summary: When they were young, the brothers Mutta and Hibito promised each other they would become astronauts. Now, in 2025, Hibito has followed his dream to become the first Japanese on the moon, but Mutta has just been fired from his job. His brother reminds him of their childhood promise, and Mutta decides once again to aim for space. (from ANN)

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###Space Brothers #0 (movie)


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Running time: 90 minutes
Vintage: 2014-08-09
Premiere Date: 2014-08-09 (Japan)
Opening Theme: “Hayakuchi Karē” by Unicorn
Ending Theme: “Feel So Moon” by Unicorn

Official Japanese Website

###Space Bros./Uchu Kyodai Manga Gets TV Anime Next April
posted on 2011-12-19 07:14 EST
Chuya Koyama’s story is also inspiring a live-action film opening in May


Hey, I remember this thread :wink:

So far Space Bros. is the only show from this season that I’m current with. I can’t say that it is the greatest show known to man (I thought Sentai’s Moonlight Mile-dubbed-was far more fun) but it’s the best show I’ve seen this season (FWIW lol).

Sentai could do worse than to release a dub of this alongside Bodacious Space Pirates, hint hint :wink:




HOUSTON, July 1, 2012 — Head for the stars with Sentai Filmworks latest acquisition: Chuya Koyama’s Space Brothers! Featuring direction by Ayumu Watanabe (Mysterious Girlfriend X), character designs by Koji Yabuno (Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison) and music by Toshiyuki Watanabe (The Devil Lady), this series certainly has the right stuff to blast off!

Mutta’s life has hit rock bottom. He’s been fired, blackballed from his profession and now he’s had to move back in with his parents. Meanwhile, his kid brother Hibito has been literally riding a rocket and training to be an astronaut. The same career Mutta once dreamed of. So, is it ever too late to go after your dreams? Through a little coercing and a bit of covert activity, Mutta’s family and friends can get his resume on the right desk, but from that point on it will be up to Mutta himself. Does he have what it takes to turn his life around and put his footprint on the moon? The first step on the highway to the stars is always the hardest, and in a job where crash and burn isn’t just a euphemism, it will be the biggest risk Mutta’s ever taken. But with the best support team ever, maybe he’ll find what he needs to rekindle the spark inside him and light the biggest candle of them all! Get ready to blast off into the most magnificent tomorrow ever in SPACE BROTHERS!

Space Brothers will begin release through select digital outlets soon with a home video release to follow.

About Sentai Filmworks
Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, producing hit series like High School of the Dead, Towanoquon, Samurai Girls, Guin Saga, Needless and Angel Beats as well as high profile theatrical films such as Grave of the Fireflies and Appleseed. Sentai Filmworks’ programs can be found on home video distributed by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23Films, The Right Stuf and other good and fine distributors. Digital product offerings may be found at iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Anime Network, Playstation Network, Android Market and YouTube.


@ Anime Weekend Atlanta wrote:

[QUOTE]Space bros is getting a BR release![/QUOTE]


So, if bluray still means dub at Sentai, than this is getting a dub. Or someone really misspoke. This really doesn’t seem like the type of series that Sentai would dub on their own, so I wonder if other English language companies, like Manga, Siren, Kaze, or Madman have licensed this.

Or perhaps John Ledford just lost a bet with Matt Greenfield. :wink:


A dub? Hells yeah! I know I’ll be buying this one. It won’t be the completion of Moonlight Mile or a 2nd Planetes but it is the next best thing.

The real space show to be a foil to the BS, only-watching-for-the-dub-and-ridiculousness space shows like Bodacious Space Pirates.


[size=16]Japan’s YTV to Move Space Brothers to Saturday[/size]
posted on 2013-01-30 14:57 EST


Space Brothers Creator to Make Cameo in Anime

posted on 2013-02-08 15:30 EST

Chūya Koyama to voice member of comedy duo in episode airing February 17

Space Brothers manga creator Chūya Koyama will make his voice acting debut in an upcoming episode of the television anime adaptation. Koyama will play Tarō, a member of the “Tissue Tarō-zu” comedy duo featured in the series. Koyama was observing a recording session late last year, and as he was providing guidance about the character, the director decided to use him to play the character. Koyama’s performance will be featured in the episode airing on Sunday, February 17.

The Space Brothers television anime series has previously featured cameo by two real life astronauts. Sōichi Noguchi played himself in a guest role in the 13th episode of the series, where he and gave a speech about the “three-dimensional” ant. The speech was one Koyama heard Noguchi himself give when Koyama visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center as part of his research.

Additionally, Akihiko Hoshide voiced himself in the 31st episode of the series. Hoshide recorded his dialogue while aboard the International Space Station (ISS), which marked the first time that voice acting lines have been recorded in space. The anime staff conducted the recording at the Tsukuba Space Center in mid-September.


This has been a very enjoyable show so far,

but the last few episodes have been pretty intense and serious. It really conveyed the dangers an astronaut can face. I can appreciate even more the fact they risk their lives with each and every mission.


On one hand, I want this show to end so that Sentai can get to work dubbing it. Preferably reprising the Moonlight Mile cast.

On the other hand, however, I realize that if the show were to end now I would think it too short, as I do with Golgo 13.

I really do hope Sentai follows through and dubs this…


Episode 69 –

Well, after 69 episodes, Mutta is finally an astronaut! Yay! But will he ever get to the moon to build Sharon’s telescope? I’m still enjoying this one very much.


Episode 82 –

I think it’s hysterical that Serika has pictures of food plastered all over her desk and even as a background on her computer. That girl is always ready to eat! LOL


Space Brothers Gets Brand-New Anime Film Next Summer

posted on 2013-12-14 04:20 EST

Creator Chūya Koyama pens story for TV anime’s director Ayumu Watanabe, A-1 Pictures

The science-fiction manga Space Brothers is getting its first anime film next summer. Original manga creator Chūya Koyama wrote the brand-new story, and the ongoing television anime’s director Ayumu Watanabe is helming the film at A-1 Pictures. Hiroaki Hirata and Kenn are reprising their roles as Mutta Nanba and Hibito Nanba, respectively.

The manga’s story follows two brothers, Mutta and Hibito, who made a vow as kids to travel to space. The younger brother Hibito did become an astronaut, but not Mutta. However, Mutta’s life changes one fateful day.

Koyama launched the manga in Kodansha’s Morning magazine in 2007, and the manga’s 22 volumes and spinoff books have 14 million copies in print. It won the General categories in both the 56th Shogakukan Manga Awards and the 35th Kodansha Manga Awards in 2011.

The manga not only inspired the ongoing television anime series (pictured below), but also a live-action film starring Shun Oguri and Masaki Okada. The live-action film earned 1.5 billion yen (about US$15 million). Crunchyroll is posting both the manga and the television anime online, and Sentai Filmworks licensed the television anime for North America.

Film distributor Warner Brothers registered the domain on November 15. The domain’s website has the tagline, “What do you think of, when you think of ‘astronaut’?”


still waiting for set one here. don’t keep us in suspense…

Greg Ayres and David Wald FTW!!!


In watching the sub I can’t say that I was hearing Greg Ayres and David Wald for the dub but I’m also still awaiting the dub. I’m getting to be more of a “dubs or it didn’t happen” type of fan as that other Texas anime company has racked up a list of shows that they streamed but never dubbed or even released in the us.


Whats up guys,

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!

We’re going to be bring some MAJOR holiday cheer in just a few days with the new CRUNCHYROLL WINTER SIMULCAST LINEUP~!

Until then, as many of you already know, due to the New Year celebrations in Japan many of our favorite shows will be experiencing some broadcast delays. Click the link for the full list of when the next brand new episodes will air


Episode 88 –


Loved the New Year’s greeting from the brothers and Apo! I’m glad that Hibito finally told his brother about his panic attacks. And Mutta gave Hibito some good insight as well. Apparently his attacks are not because of the spacesuit. I also like the new opening and ending. And Apo has a favorite TV show too! LOL


Does Maiden Japan really have to wait for this show to end before it can start rolling it out? We could be waiting a long time otherwise…a very long time.


Maybe they’re still debating whether to dub this or not. My bet is they won’t and just release it sub-only and I’m fine with that.


Actually, it’s Sentai that has it, not Maiden Japan. Though it does seem like the type of show that Matt Greenfield would have wanted.

I think Tonka may be correct. They probably haven’t decided how to proceed with the release, so they are holding off for now. It’s not like they don’t have plenty of shows they could release in the meantime.

Given the shows length, and given the failure of Moonlight Mile, I don’t see them spending the money to dub it though.