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But shouldn’t he be impersonating Harrison Ford though?

I noticed that, between Rogue One and Ready Player One, Ben Mendelsohn played pretty much the same character (maybe it’s the “One” :question: :wink: ).

…I might regret it, but I’ll probably see Solo. Just have to hope that Clint Howard doesn’t let a bro down :slight_smile:

Hopefully Bettany’ll get to play a character rather different from his Avengers 3 role…gotta say that I still hold out hope for him pulling a Vin Diesel and parlaying his Avengers fame into a passion project sequel to his Master and Commander film.


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May 17, 2018


Do we really need to know how Lando swings? Similar to how like how the revelation that Luke and Leia were siblings changed their kiss scene, this is gonna change how Lando’s relationships in the original trilogy look.

After the Dumbledore disaster, Hollywood should’ve made a pact to stop these retcons because of the radical ramifications they present.


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Lol, all those millions weren’t enough, that just raises a red flag :stuck_out_tongue:


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It looks like Disney’s rep and Son of Kasdan killed their own movie with that “Pansexual” tweet (which, as previewers pointed out, was not substantiated by the film). It looks like this is going to be the “Fury Road” of 2018, the film that is killed by a bad reputation that it didn’t deserve.

Having now seen the film, it was easily the best of the 4 “Sequel” films. Weirdly, Ron Howard-of all people-was able to do what Jar Jar Abrams wanted, make homages to the Original Trilogy, without it seemingly completely like a by-the-numbers retread/ripoff.

…speaking of which, just where exactly in the timeline does Solo take place? Because the ending events raise some serious questions, to the point that there’s a solid case that this film takes place in an alternate timeline to the 6 Lucas films.


Why? Just because it takes place sometime before the end of ep 1?


Yep, because it can’t take place until after Episode 3 (there are Stormtroopers and the Empire), but yet it has to take place before Episode 1 based on the ending.

If Solo did take place around the time of Episode 1, wouldn’t Han Solo have been as old as Obi-Wan by the time of A New Hope?