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Lol you are correct, good catch. If Han was 20, and this took place around the time near the end of Ep 1, only about 7-9 years takes place between ep 1-3. Now we get the 16-18 year gap between 3-4 which would put Han around 50 ish during the original trilogy, and since we don’t know how slow or fast people age in a Galaxy far far away, you can let that slide a little bit.

Edit: It’s also been a long held theory that You know who survived the fight at the end of Ep 1 (Even if he’s half the Jedi he used to be :smiley: )


Now that you mention it, I am assuming that Han Solo and Obi-Wan are both human and would age at the same rate, though I believe that Episode 7 shows that they do.

Everything, except for you-know-who’s appearance, suggests that Solo slots in nicely between Episodes 3 & 4, where I believe it belongs.

I always wanted you-know-who, the “Boba Fett of the Prequels” to survive and return to the movies, but if he’s alive at the same time that Tyranus/Vader were, wouldn’t that break the Rule of Two?


Solo: A Star Wars Story Almost Featured Wookiee Stormtroopers

May 31, 2018


I thought Han was 30 years old, give or take in Ep. 4. I remember reading something by Lucas to that effect.

But I also go with the “Han shot first” version of the film.

What do I know…:grimacing:


my response to Solo.


Star Wars: Episode IX Changes Its Working Title

June 1, 2018


It seemed a little out of place in Solo, but it was still interesting to see Lord & Miller/Ron Howard take that shot (ahem) at Lucas’ specialized edition of Ep 4.

btw, how long after TLJ did we have to wait for Rean Johnson to start explaining the film? I’d be interested in seeing Ron Howard offering an explanation of that other scene in the ending.


Solo’s Sophomore Weekend at the Box Office Isn’t Looking So Good

June 2, 2018


That’s a little sad as IMO the film was the best of the 4, and that this film is getting the “Fury Road” treatment.

…from that link, there’s another article where the writer does not like that Solo left some mysteries behind Han’s origin. IMO that’s a good thing as Star Wars is a franchise made of characters who were coolest when their pasts were the most mysterious.

I can’t say that I agree with the site’s criticism that Han was a “Gary Stu” in Solo.

In the old Star Wars stories, we witnessed the Skywalkers growing up as racers

I’m pretty sure we only witnessed Anakin growing up as a racer, we were only told about how Luke bullseyed womp rats from his T-16 Skyhopper in Beggar’s Canyon.


Agreed Marvel really dropped the ball when they published Wolverine: The Origin. Certain characters really work best when you don’t know everything about them


Solo Box Office Sinks to $29 Million in Second Weekend

JUNE 3, 2018
STXfilms’ Adrift opened to $11.5 million


Solo’s Box Office Failure the Result of ‘Poor Marketing,’ Analyst Says

June 4, 2018


Star Wars Actor Kelly Marie Tran Deletes Instagram Posts After Harassment

June 5, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story to Lose At Least $50 Million For Disney

June 5, 2018


Specifically, Lawrence Kasdan’s doofus son making up a tale about Lando being a “pansexual”, and Donald Glover corroborating it, when nothing like that was in the film.

…today I saw a copy of In the Heart of the Sea in the bargain bin. That’s a Ron Howard movie that flopped because it was a bad film. Solo is going to be another Ron Howard flop, but it’s not going to be Ron Howard’s fault.

Looks like there’s an exception to the “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” rule.


Kathleen Kennedy rumored to be stepping down this year, i guess someone called a “vote of no confidence” ala Padme Amidala…

But even then, there is still one person responsible for Solo that hasn’t got his jsut desserts yet, Nobody is talking about Ron Howard who could have refused to do it.

Solo is Howard’s highest grossing film ever… which should say a lot… well if nobody else will toss him the blame he deserves then i guess it is up to me…


Ron won’t face any repercussions because he was basically the pinch hitter, after KK fired the previous director,


Seems to me that Ron Howard is the least culpable for Solo; based on the rumors going 'round, Ron (and Clint) Howard saved Solo.

The blame for Solo belongs on Jonathan Kasdan’s shoulders as he created a huge controversy that irked fans when he used Twitter to “retcon” the film. Donald Glover also went along with the lie.

If I’m blaming Disney directors for Solo, I’m blaming “Jar Jar” Abrams & Rian Johnson as those guys made the controversial movies that set Solo up to fall: TFA + TLJ + Tweet was the combination that TKO’d Solo

Edit: I hope that Kathleen Kennedy is indeed canned, though if she is, here’s hoping Disney has someone top notch to fill her seat.


Really? You think Ron has no control? Ron couldn’t have left out L337 the SJW meme bot? I doubt Lando would have been any controversy had it been forced SJW into the film with that droid.

or were those scenes with l337 the only ones in the 25% kept that didn’t get reshot?

as much as people are calling the reshoot of 80% of the movie its downfall financially a it doesn’t hope to recoup its production costs alone, not to mention marketing costs, then the new director could easily be factored in. They don’t get a free pass. Ron is part and parcel to the movie that made it to theaters, the movie that continues to decline, and unless movies have changed severely, Ron’s is the last name you see before the movie begins as the director.

Stuart Baird from Demolition Man is the one to blame for killing Star Trek with Nemesis, so Howard gets the blame for this, because a director can always say No when asked to direct. and wasnt Abrams the one that also destroyed the Star Trek franchise which is now suggested to have to be reboted once again?


The droid was used to literally deconstruct SJWs though.

BTW, as further evidence that Lando isn’t a “pansexual”, he does not rebuild L337 in the film.

I mention this as your Dave Cullen video embed put him in my feed and he, while agreeing that Solo was a decent Star Wars film, missed that Lando was never “pansexual”…but Cullen liked the Quantum Leap arc of Star Trek: Enterprise so he’s not infallible :wink:

Out of the 4 Disney films, Solo feels the most like a Star Wars movie. I don’t see why Ron Howard should be blamed when he directed the best film for Disney. Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, is the director who really killed Star Wars as his film was the one that polarized the fandom.

If TLJ hadn’t split the fandom, Solo would be pulling Rogue One or better numbers at the box office.


no, no it wouldn’t because the simple reason, nobody wanted a teen angst Han Solo movie, or ANY previous Han Solo movie.

if you saw any of 4, 5, 6 then you have seen the Solo movie, because it exists just to corroborate every statement ever said by Harrison Ford playing Han.

there is nothing learned in the movie, there is nothing at risk in the movie. Han is still sitting in the cantina on Tattooine when Obi-wan and Luke show up to take them off the planet.

there is no amount of “boycott” that could have done to damage the film worse than anyone responsible for making it did, the fact that it dropped to 4th place in its 3rd week, and has no
chance at all to catch up since Incredibles 2 comes out next week, and even iif it is a bad movie, it will out perform Soylo.